This Sucks

losing your mom sucks. my 12 year old said that. that is his thoughts on this whole ****** process. this sucks. i agree. my mother is dying of metastatic breast cancer. its now growing and festering in her liver. so, its only a matter of time before her poor body succumbs to the cancerous cells. months. i hate this. this hurts. i like to think "what am i without my mom?" but then i think of all the people without moms. so i cant complain there. i love my mom. i wouldn't be me without her and I'm happy with me. not only am i losing my mom my kids are losing their grandmother. she has played a major role in their lives. they are gonna miss her. we all will. my mom is an awesome woman. even if i wasn't related to her biologically id still find her amazing. shes just good people. nonjudgmental, accepting, loving, curious, kind, respectful, funny, smart, honest, wholesome, worldly, supportive, calm, cool, and collected
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I can empathize with you. I did not lose my mother until she was 75 and I was 48, and yet it still hurt badly. She had struggled with rheumatoid arthritis and leukemia for twenty years, eighteen years after the doctors gave her two years to live, 57 years after the day she saw the atomic mushroom rise over Hiroshima...she had survived so much, she was a tough old bird...bu death comes to claim us all, sooner or later. All I can say, is rejoice in the time you had with her rejoice in the time you have with your children, and do not dwell on the ugliness - save to keep it from your door.

I hate to hear this. I lost my mom to cancer also. Please read my stories at <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> and at <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>