Babied At 12 Years Old

My mommy diapered me when I was 12 years old when she went shopping one day with my sister and left me at home alone. After my mommy left I went to my room to my hidden diaper stash and took off my clothes accept my shirt then slipped a diaper on. I went back to the livingroom to watch tv and fell asleep then waking up finding my mommy back from shopping asking me why I was in a diaper. My mommy asked me where I got the diaper from and told her I took money from her room to buy the diapers from the store and hid the diapers in my room. At that point my mommy was angry and told to me to stay in the diaper and T-shirt. I had to go to my room and show her where I kept my diapers which my mommy saw that I needed a diaper change because she saw that my diaper looked saggy. My mommy said in baby talk it looks my little baby needs a diaper change. My mommy undid my diaper cleaned me up and put a fresh new diaper on me then told I will be wearing diapers for a very longtime because I stole money to buy diapers. Later that day mommy took me to the store got me a carseat, pacifiers, baby bottles and a playpen because mommy did not want her little baby sitting on the couch having an accident and ruinning the couch. When we got back from the store mommy setup the playpen I asked if I could go to the bathroom because I had to poo really bad mommy said no that's what diapers are for. I was told to climb into my new playpen with my mommy putting on some baby shows for me to watch while mommy got dinner ready. While I was watching the baby shows with a teddy bear put in the playpen with me I had the poo build up, so bad in me because I kept holding it in cause I did bnot feel like messing the diaper. The pressure grew, so bad I finally let go and a huge load filled my diaper with a little while later when dinner was ready My mommy came to playpen and smelled that I dirtied my diaper. My mommy told me that my little pumpkin pooed his diaper and would be changed after dinner.

The next day my mommy got me up put a fresh diaper on me and dressed me for school. My mommy drove me to school that day in my carseat and took me by the hand and walked me into the office with some extra diapers in hand telling the nurse that I could not control my bladder and bowel functions.

After a week my room was transformed into a baby nursery with adultsized crib, diaper changing table with lots of diapers underneath, diaper pail, baby toys and new clothes that looked like for babys. I had a highchair setup for me in the kitchen where I had to sit in with a bib on to be fed my meals. After awhile mommy stuck me into a daycare until my mommy found a nanny to take care of me and babysit me. After a year of being tesed at school mommy pulled out of school and homeschooled me, so I could be babysat by my nanny full-time making easier for diaper changes and routine bottle feedings, bathtimes, nappy times and beddy bye time for me.

Over time my mommy liked having me as a baby and kept me as a baby in diapers because I have lost all control of my bladder and bowel functions I have regressed back to being a toddler between the ages of 1 or 2 years old. My nanny takes care of my full-time dress, feed me, changes my diapers and etc. I fell comfortable and secure of being a baby in diapers that will never growup being a bigboy.
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