Missing My Mom

40 years we shared every thing. calling each other visiting each other spending time with each other taking care of each other. Now I am alone. I thought my husband was going to be there for me but he chose drugs. I am a only child and if it wasn't for my 2 cousins I would have no one to talk to. I go to work , church and everywhere else alone. I am so lonely. the few people i have tried to get to know were all self ish and only wanted something from me so now i spend my time just me myself and I
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<p>I'm 17 And My Mum Passed Away Exactly 4mnths Ago Tomorrow, And My Family Was There For The First 2 Weeks But Now I Have NO ONE AT ALL! I Moved Out of Home When I Was 14 And Then Over The Last Year I Was Getting So Close To My Mum And She Was My Only Support When I Came Out And Stated I Was Gay And This Grew Our Relationship Stronger My Mum Was Sick And Liked Her Drink But Over The Last 6 Months Before She Passed She Slowed Her Meds And Drink Down Nearly Completely And Then One Weekend She Wanted To Visit A Friend That She Hadn't Seen Since High School And I Begged And Begged For Her Not To Cause They Would Just Drink. On The 5th of April 13 I Moved Into My Apartment With My Partner And Mum & I Were So Excited About This And On The Night That I Moved In I Went To Call My Mum But Just Before I Did My Nan Rang And Explained That My Mother Died 5hrs Before! MY WHOLE WORLD WAS RUINED AND NOW STILL IS AND ALL I WANT IS MY FARKIN MUM! She Tried So Hard To Live As They Found Her Lying On The Ground In The Middle of The Bedroom Trying To Get Help! I Then Had To Approve That They Could Preform An Autopsy And Being 16 And Needing To Do That Is The Worst, Then I Organised Mums Funeral Still Not Enough I Had To Follow Up On Reports And Now I'm Even Paying For Mums Funeral! It Was Mums 49th Birthday 9 Days After She Passed And I Actually Seen Her On Her Bday, Then Came My Partners Bday 13 Days After Mum Passed And Surprisingly My Bday 4 Weeks After Mum Passed And 5 Days After My Bday Was Mothers Day So Couldn't Think of A Worse Time For All of This x Just Wish I Had A Chance To Say That I Love Her And Miss Her And That I'm Sorry xx (My Mum Passed Away And They Cant Even Give Me Reason!) NO COMFORT AT ALL! Rest In Peace Mum xxoo Love You Infinity</p>

I lost mom 2 years ago and I still miss her. She was really someone I could talk with. I sure miss that.

Heyy I Know exactly how you feel my mum died in june last yr im only 12 nnd really upset but all my cousins have been there for me