My Mum Died 2 Years Ago!

I lost my mum2 years ago when i was 11. She was an alcholic and kept on going into hospital for a couple of days Until once. I was on camp with dad and we got a phone call saying she was in again. Intensive care this time.She was there for a couple of weeks, i thought things were looking up but i was wrong. Dad got asked for a chat. He came back with a blank look on his face. He got told that 1% of her liver was working and that was the machine, the machine had to be turned off! We were all upset. But then they said she might live. Next thing you know through the doors you could hear people rushing and beeping. Next thing you know a doctor came out and asked the family to come into a room. I knew it she died!! I was ready... so i thought anyway! She told us on the 8th November she had died!! I will never forget her and really want to hear her voice's hard now.
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Both of my parents are still alive. My mother has always been an tell you the truth, I don't know how her liver is still working. My father doesn't talk to me...has never really thought very highly of me. My childrens' father died eleven years ago when I was young and my babies were still very small. I love my mother to pieces and, now that we're all getting older, I'm really concerned about her mortality (and mine.) I lost my husband, but I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my mother. I'm not looking forward to that day (if I am blessed enough to outlive her.) You are SO young and I feel SO filled with compassion and sorrow for you!!! I can't imagine how difficult this loss must be for you! But, you have your father and I'm sure he loves you to pieces! Stay strong, honey. I know it's hard but, you are not alone!!! You'll never stop missing her but you will keep learning how to live with missing her. You are in my prayers, sweetie!! xoxoxo