My In Laws and Thier Opinions

i had my son nearly 5 yrs ago now, and when he was just 8 months old an opinion of my mum in laws came out, she said that the son i had with her son wasnt his. she was accusing me of sleeping around!!

i confronted her and all she did was lie and upset me and my family, she asked her son. my husband, to move out and move back in with her.

instead he said no, and lost contact for 2 yrs, all her friends have let her down, and even told us all what she has been doing. she told my husband she is entitled to her opinions and and hates me, always have.

now every body say my husband ought to have bad girlfriends before he met me!!! these lies are soo upseting and we do keep our distance alot. she will always find something to ***** about, thats her, but now i have changed and say anything that im not happy with. where she now cant becuse she knows i will confront her and give back as good as she sends.

soosoo soosoo
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1 Response Jul 5, 2007

Hello! My wife tried to get along with my mommy dearest for years and finally she had enough and started doing that giving back as much as she received thing and we lived happily ever after. Cheers!