Wet Her Panties Playing Monopoly

I had a neighbor, Debby, throughout my childhood until I moved way at about 13. She and I played a lot together and I liked her alot, too. She was a cute girl and only one time did she wet herself, which is one reason I remember it so well and why I was so surprised at the time. We were about 10 or 11, and most girls I knew at that time didn't have accidents, including Debby. But one say we were in a long monopoly game. She was wearing a dress, as she often did and I loved seeing her panties (almost always white cotton ones that were all the same and pretty thin cotton). I remember lots of times Debby would sit with her legs apart, especially playing games on the floor. So this game was going on and on for a long time and I was lying on the floor watching her moves in the game but also having a nice time look at her panties. All of a sudden she grabbed herself through her skirt, covering up her panties and moved back from the game board, saying something like 'oh no!'. I wasn't sure what was happening until she then put her legs apart and pulled her skirt up and out from under her so as to keep it dry. I was amazed at seeing her white panties turning very yellow and soaking and a large puddle forming around her as she sat there wetting herself. I don't know how long this went on for, time stopped for me, and Debby kept peeing. Finally she stopped, stood up quite embarassed, holding her dress above her waist to keep it dry and said something like she had to go home to change and how sorry she was for making a mess. I was very excited the whole time and remember looking at her soaking panties clinging to her butt. The worst thing was having to clean up her pee, as my mom was in the next room and found out what happened. She wasn't mad, but I was embarassed about liking Debby's accident so much. Debby came back a bit later, saying she was so sorry and that that never happened to her before. Sadly, it never happened again as far as I knew, but at the time it was an amazing experience for me.
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Seeing a pretty woman or girl pee their pants is always a turn on for me !!!

Great stuff at that age. Now I want to see a pretty woman play the same games.

Poor Debbie. Getting involved in a game, and ignoring your bladder. Not good to do inside like that. And you say she never wet before or after. Or maybe you just never saw her.<br />
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(lomahoyo) That is the nice thing about wearing a skirt. we girls can get desperate and if we are careful when we have a chance we can pee, through our panties without being seen. If you didn't see it, it didn't happen.<br />
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Another lovely story.

I had a similar experience with a girl when we were both about 12.<br />
We lived on a housing development which still had a lot of houses under construction, and one day in the school holidays we had been playing in some of them all afternoon. As we were about to go up a ladder she realised that I would see up her skirt to her panties, and said you are going to see so I might as well admit that I have wet myself a little bit. Her panties were blue, and I could see she had actually wet them a lot.<br />
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I had had no idea that she had been dying to go, which was somewhat surprising because I had been dying to go for a considerable time myself, and had also been putting it off. She didn't say anything, but I would be somewhat surprised if she hadn't seen me doing all the usual things that give an urgent need away. My pants were actually as wet as hers.