a Useful Life,in Spite of Malicious Stories

I moved 300 miles from my home state to put my life  together again.That part was ok,I wanted to make some new friends and just get on with life .What I didn't think of was how to survive in a neighborhood where hostility and malicious rumors among a small group has gotten other's thrown out ! I don't go out of my way to get involved in it and meet other's,make friends. I've been here 10 yrs.One day an older lady come to my house crying saying they were throwing her out ,I know she barely went outside,because of her disabilities,this group of people must have just decided to target her,and she had nowhere to go,the manager here is in agreement with this group,they're so nice and sweet in her presence, it's frustrating to see this in a Retirement complex where people move to make friends and live out their golden years.The poor lady took them to court,eventhough she's on a fixed income,and lost when she couldn't afford to fight it anymore. I hate to see older people waste what's left of their lives this way. They must be silpy miserable inside to make someone they don't even know suffer just because they can,and if you don't play by they're rules they want to cause  trouble any way they can.

silverspirit silverspirit
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1 Response Oct 16, 2006

I say you tell it like it is - someone has to take a stubborn stand sooner or later against these hyenas in sheep clothing - didn't get it wrong, metaphor intended.