My name is Melinda counce I am going through the same exact thing you are experiencing. My neighbors want me out of the apartment i live in because i made several complaints to the property manager I have also learned the everyone who work with her want me out as well. They have their camera set up in the apartment directly underneath me which is apartment # 4. I live at 3034 Bracken woods lane #8 cincinnati Oh 45211. They are also threatening to kill me or jump on me if i do not walk away from me lease. I went on line and found out every surveillances methods they are using to spy on me. Here is a list of everything i have found I hope this is useful. There are a total of 14 different ways they could spy on you hopefully you will be able to block their system or put cameras on them so you can see what they are seeing. #1 Pre-crime surveilllance camera. # 2. Capturing your fingerprints from 20 feet away. #3. Mobile Backscatter Vans. #4. Hijacking your mind. #5. Law Enforcement using your own cell phone. #7. Biometric database. #8. RFID Microchips. #9. Automated License plate reader. #10.Face reading software called mind reader. #11. Data mining.#12. Street lights spying on us. #13. Automated ISP monitoring your internet activity. #14. spying on your through their appliances. Here are some other ways they could be spying on you. Look up, go under The National Security Agency and read the information. go under CSEM swiss ranger camera the robotic version. can also look up the abbreviation "Dss" look up information on photogrammetric calibration of the swiss ranger 3D range imaging sensor, WIMAX is another one (e.g., T3) look up fixed wireless broadband: merging the power of wireline with the ease of wireless. look up wireless-enabled miniture vision sensor for the real-time security and surveillance. All of these will help you find out how they are capable of spying on you. If you could find technology preventing unscrammbled government access to private digital data this might help. I was not able to see where or who carry what you will need. good luck.
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Aug 27, 2014