Haven't Used A Toilet Since Age 10

I haven't used a toilet since age 10. I like taking large poops in my underwear. My family and friends all know I like pooping in my underwear and they don't mind. I mean, why use a toilet when you're wearing one on your butt? I wear tight, full-cut panties and I line them with pads to absorb my urine. My daughter, Jane, doesn't even use a toilet, except when she's at school. She wears tight, full-cut panties that she lines with pads to absorb her urine. Our panties contain our poops well.
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I won't even bother to ask how your mom would have reacted to you soiling your pants because she is the one who had introduced you to it at the young of 7(see I Shared a Pantypooping Experience with My Mom After Seeing Her Doing It).

have you lost control of pooping? if you did, would you wear diapers 24/7?

why doesn't Jane fill her panties at school with the pads I know she pees herself would love to see a mother daughter pooping together<br />
please add me

I travelled to my big sister´s home at last week. Hers 3 years old son and 4 years old daughter still pooping in pants at sporadically especially at out. My sister don´t like it and she put diaper on to son and daughter when they will go to out.<br />
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During of a days when my sister was at work and children was at kindergarten, I pooped and peed in my diapers at my sisters´s home :) I was in my poopy diaper on the average two hours per day, then I went to shower and after that I took diaper to outside trash can before my sister came to home from work. My sister don´t know that I like wear diapers and I don´t said anything for it. My sister don´t know how nice days I was spent during of her working :)