I Poop And Pee In My Pants

When I was 5 I wasn't potty trained yet I got potty trained when I was 8 my parents weren't that happy when I peed on the floor so I know how to use the toilet but once when my parents weren't home I pooped myself I kinda liked it but my parents started to open the door so I went in my room and locked the door and peed so I went in my bathroom in my room but before I could a long pee puddle went down my leg and out the door crack my parents wedged their way through and they found me I had to get changed and they actually put me in a diaper took a picture and put it on Facebook then when I had a boyfriend on our dates we would just sit in the back of his car and pee and poop ourselves and now I poop and pee myself
Kilikilikili Kilikilikili
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012