Free!! No More Toilets For Me!

This past Saturday I had to go to a friends wedding shower. I woke up and started to get ready. The shower didn't start untill 12:00pm but I wanted to get there early so I could help set up. When I got up that morning I went into the kitchen to fix me a pop-tart for breakfast. I usually wear diapers duiring the day but I always sleep in my panties and sleep shirt. After I put the pop-tart in the microwave I could feel my bowels moving. I usually have to poop in the morning and this day was no different. I stood in front of the microwave and spread my legs just a little. I have been using the bathroom in my pants for so long that I no longer have to push, it just starts coming out like it's the natural thing to do. As the poop pushed its way into my bikini style poo bear panties I started to pee. I got the pop-tart out and contiued peeing and pooping as I walked to the kitchen table. I sat down and the poop pushed its way up my bum and I peed a little more. It was a soft poop and it felt great. 

After I finished eating I got in the shower (with my panties on) and fingered myself till I orgasmed. I washed the panties and put them on the shower head to dry. After the shower I put on a diaper and did my make-up. I put on a pair of jeans and a cute top, did my hair, packed my diaper bag and headed out. My freind lives about an hour away so I stopped about half way and got a drink and pack of crackers. I had to pee while I was in the store so I just let it come out while I was deciding what drink to get. It was a long pee and I must have stood there for at least a min. After I finished I paid and went on my way. Once I got to my freinds house I helped set up and people starting arriving around 11:30. We all ate lunch and sat down to watch her open her gifts. After she was done I asked her mother if she needed help washing the dishes. She said yes and took all the plates and put them in the sink. As I started on the first plate I felt my bowels moving again. By the third plate I had a nice load in my diaper. The poop was simi-soft and spread and felt really really good. I peed again while I was standing there and by this time my diaper was getting really heavy. My freind and her mother both know that I use the bathroom in my pants and her mother came up to me and said that she would finish the dishes if I wanted to go change. I went to the upstairs bathroom and cleaned up and put on a fresh diaper. 

After I had left her house I pee two more times on the way home. I sat down that evening and ate supper and watched a little tv and let another small poop into my diaper. I was so tired that I didn't want to change so I went to bed in my dirty diaper. Sunday morning I got up and started into my breakfast rutine again and belive it or not, I had to poop again!! I don't think I have ever had to poop this much in two days. I kept my diaper on for a while and finally got in the shower. It was a great weekend!!

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I love the part where you fingered yourself in the shower!

It was an incredible story it made me excited

Nice! Cool that your friend and her Mom are OK with your fetishing. Do you pee or poop during the night?

realy good storie

how did u become free <br />
i need tips

I didnt have to work today so I was layin in bed and had to poop luckily I was wearing a diaper I didnt feal like gettin up so just pooped in bed

is that what u want is to poop and pee in ur pants for rest of ur life and be diaper 24/7 i like plz tell me how u did it plz i wont to start plz help me

who experienced the comfort to simply let it go whenever and whereever will never miss it of course

such a good story! i hope you continue to post and maybe we can be friends sometime!

great story. what kind of diapers do you use that can hold that much?

very nice thanks for sharing!

historia fantastica, adoro poop em minha fralda tambem e ficar com ela cheia por alguns instantes

loved it! Add me in ur circle so i can message u babes

Wow, great story. I can sometimes just relax and not have to push, but not always (my favorite ones are the ones that just come out on their own without pushing though).

you are awesome. that story really got me excited.

cool & good girl for peeing & pooing that diaper more stires please & mybe a pic in your diaper babymikey

like to see your dirty nappy's :)

excellent story!! a lot of poop you do like me! Sometimes I have about four bowel movements a day! or more!

Never thaught I would say I have messy diapers in my garbage being a panty pooper. Yet having a saggy diaper on of late and little stinky too! Kinda made me feel little.....