On The Way Home

I was walking home from a friends house the other night We'd had a few glasses of wine but wasnt drunk I guess I was about 15mins from my house when the urge to go to the loo hit me At 3am there was noone around so I decided to go in my panties I didnt really want to get my shoes wet as they were new so I sat on a bench and hitched up my skirt and let go I peed for ages and totally soaked my panties and tights Having walked a bit further I realised I needed to poo as well so I thought Im wet already so I might as well really enjoy myself and be messy too I stopped and lit a cigarette pushing the warm soft mess into my panties as I did so It felt so good walking the rest of the way home all wet and messy that I didnt change or clean up but went to bed and slept in my own mess etc
jessuktv jessuktv
41-45, T
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

i approve but you shouldnt smoke