I Love Poop In Panties

And still there was a case, for a long time the truth, but I remember it till now. There was on a visit, time summer. In the street warmly, the sun shines, good fortune. I approach it means to a pedestrian crossing (transition with a traffic light), I look ahead the girl goes, shaking here and there. Here, I think, has got drunk since the morning before. And she прёт through transition on red, thinks nothing. Has suddenly stopped, a head has turned, has seen that чота not that, pedestrians all stand, was developed and has back come, costs on a roadside. Here I approach, I rise nearby, and itself an eye косю on it, in hope that it can the control has lost for a second and писнула. And about myself I think yes фигушки to me such happiness привалит. The next second I have forgotten about all - on it промежности the damp stain darkened, she has been dressed in brown trousers in covering and a figure of anything. At me heart has begun to knock, ears has put, hands have begun to shake - I look at it and I can not come off. And it чото has scented the bad, at me has looked the осоловелыми eyes, well and I have taken away a sight. Thought then behind it to go yes boldness has not sufficed, till now I am sorry.
skuka1980 skuka1980
36-40, M
Jul 28, 2010