Fecal Matter- 3~ Im A ****** And Pissy *****

Good morning all.  I hope you are all having a very ****** and pissy morning just like i am.  I pissed a lot and ******* a little.  My entire dwelling wreaks of almost 4 day old **** and new ****, and now EXCREMENT.  I love the word EXCREMENT.  It's sooooo delicious, don't you think? 

So while sitting there ******* and ******** all over the toilet and into my really nasty panties, i got so turned on by the crackling and popping sounds that the feces was making as it found it's way into my undies.  The first turd was stubborn.  It took a great deal of pushing and coercing it to come out.  That piece of **** stretch my *******, but it was well worth the effort.  I farted a little and my stomach made these grunting noises.  The next turd slipped out of my *** with a little less effort as that of the first one.  Then another slid out and another.  My panties were coated in filthy manure. I couldn't help but to play with my ***** and *** (at that time i was still in the bathroom and the faucet was already running). But the ****, i loved how it just ran down my legs while mixing in with my poop.  I immediately rubbed the nasty liquids all over my body.  EVERYWHERE!  By the time i made it back to my bed - which was just made-up, i was so ******* awful smelling.  I thought that the smell was so intense that it would wake up everyone else, but it didn't - although i swear i heard footsteps outside of my room (i didn't bother to check). 

Well i still have plenty of **** trapped in my ******* begging to escape, but im gonna keep it captive just a few more hours.  I have held this **** in for 21 straight hours, i would wanna escape too.  Now im laying on my bed all pissy and ****** and LUVIN IT.  The scent of pungent ammonia and urine nitrate smell is sooooo captivating.  I did take some pics, but my webcam is crappy.  I will display them later, however.  

Now, im going to give myself a nice tight wedgie in the front, right in between my two smelly ***** lips.  Im am hoping that some ***** hairs get caught up in it.  It hurts a little, but it feels glorious.  I may take some pics of my pissy cameltoe a little later on also.  This wedgie is hurting - ahhhhh.  I LOVE IT.  The old **** is stinging my ***** and IM LUVING IT TOO.  I smell like a urinal that's been ******* in.  My **** is almost on fire from the **** and **** mixture.  

Guess now it's time to give myself a back wedgie.  Oh **** this feels sooooo good.  And it tightened my frontal wedgie so beautifully.  I can't rub my ****** asscrack just yet.  Gotta get those pics online.


***sorry the experience was short at first and that i left out details, i was tired. but the pics are up now, and im about to add 3 more.  

***Originally Posted June 19th, 2011 at 5:03AM
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Wow great story again.

Most original and raw poster yet. Thank you!