I Only Go In My Pants

 For as long as I can remember, I have been using the bathroom in my pants. My mother was very young when she had me and she was always out partying and drinking so I stayed with my Aunt. She was six years older that my mother and I didn't know it at the time but she pooped in her pants too. Thats how I discovered it. I think I was 12 when I walked in on her in the bathroom. She was squatted down in front of the bathtub pushing a huge load into her panties. I thought she was sick or something so I asked her what was wrong. She yelled at me to go away and I ran out crying. A little while later she came to my room and apologized for yelling. She said she had an accident and for me not to worry about her. I kept on thinking about how she was sitting there enjoying herself and I thought it must feel pretty good to poop in your pants. So, I tried it. I didn't want her to find out so I lined my panties with toilet paper and sat on the toilet in case I needed to pee. It started coming out and it did feel really good. As my poop started curling around my bottom I could feel the weight of it starting to pull my little tinker bell panties down. Yes, I had all the disney character panties. I did it like that several more times until I decided that I didn't need the toilet paper anymore. Thats when I got caught. I threw my soiled panties in the trash but I forgot to take it out. My aunt discovered them from the smell in the bathroom. She asked me about them and I told her I had an accident like she did. She wasn't mad, I even think it turned her on a little to see another girls poopie panties. I had a few more accidents like that until my aunt sat me down and we had a long talk. She wondered why I was having so many accidents and I eventually told her that they weren't accidents and I really enjoyed pooping my pants. She said that she was sorry and it was all her fault that I wanted to do this. I told her that I am the one that decided to go in my pants and I wasn't going to stop. She told me about how she discovered it and how long she has been doing it. After that conversation we would go in our pants whenever we needed to. Our toilet must have been the cleanest for 100 miles because it never got used. 

Since then, I have only used my pants. I haven't used the toilet since I was 15. I am now 22. I do it wherever I am and in whatever I am wearing. All my family knows that I do it now and I often talk with my aunt on the phone about my outings and how the poop was. My pants really are my toilet and thats the way it will always be.

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All sexy girls should do it all in their pants.

Oh, it is very exciting story, I must tell you about my secret too. I am so called a diaper lover. My fetish is my diaper in my crotch and totally wet with my urine. For better delight I use little butt plug inserted in my ***.. Softness and wetness of my diaper is wonderful when pressed on my hard ****. My ************ is even greater when my GF wet her diaper and then she put on these one on my body instead of mine. The feeling of her smelly urine on my crotch is awesome.. I wonder whether you have tried this "diaper" experience..


I pee in diapers sometimes. We are all different and it is a good thing. : )

That was awesome. I only go in my pants too.

Thank you for sharing this. So how and when did your aunt discover this?

Awesome wish i knew someone who did it like me

I only poop in panties, pantyhose, and diapers, Ashley.

thats quite and interesting way to meet another pants pooper! :0)

i hope i see you in a store some time i want your autograoh

Don't look for reasons why you do it. If you enjoy using your pants as a toilet, just carry on. Every few months I spend a week or more peeing in my bed without ever peeing in the toilet. Don't wash the sheets till I have finished the peeathon, just let them dry out with the cover off. Just poop in my pants while lying in the bed so as not to waste a drop!

Does it mean you have to throw them away every time you 'do' it? How do you dispose of 'it'? And what were your parents' reactions when they first found out?

Those who focus on pooping au naturel, in underwwear, or fully dressed invariably graduate to stimulating golden showers, or vice versa. Peeing and pooping feel right together. Whether this enhances the "messiness" of the experience or prolonges the time before we spend, a soaking, invigorating **** during or after a voluminous dump substantially increases our pleasure and those of our partner(s). At least most of us wish for a partner.<br />
Enjoying our special passions are, in most cases, a solitary experience and once this urge becomes a habit, it is difficult to stop. The demands of living don't make it easy, but most of us manage to find opportunities.<br />
How can we find a partner? The most common solution is a website dedicated to matching individuals of similar tastes. Another method is joining a society devoted to the pleasures of elimination. But, where to find these resources? How about here!<br />
In later life, it will be irksome to hide our little pleasures from our spouses and children. Getting caught can have grave consequences in this repressive society, not like the charming mother and daughter's consensual poop in the theater. That scene belongs in the playroom! Let's put our resources together and create a directory like "Plenty of Kink" instead of "Plenty of Fish."<br />
Another help is find ways to tell if a person is "interested." That information would be invaluable to the thousands of secret devotees of the Lubricous Arts. <br />
Let's help each other, shall we? Here is the forum -- let's use it!

Wow I see your ideas was in 2011 guess its extremely hard to organize something like this...would really like to make this happen or have an event of some kind

First of all, Ashley, I think your story is great. It's nice that you found this harmless but exciting fetish as early as you did. I was in my late teens when I started and it was an off and on thing for me until I was in my mid 20s. After that I can honestly say that if all the times I had to used a toilet could be totalled up, the incidents might equal a year - 300+ times or so - and I'm in the same basic age group as 'Other'! Go figure - that adds up to perhaps 10 times a year for 35 years - all the rest being in my panties or pants. <br />
<br />
I am in total agreement with 'Other', insofar as the roots of fetishes. He has succinctly summed it up and I'm not going to bore everyone with more statistics. However, I studied sexuality for years, and can say that pee/poo fetishes are quite common, usually harmless, and definitely enjoyable for thoise who like to express their 'kinky side' in such a manner. While some sexual fetishes can indeed be dangerous or damaging, once again the only damage I have ever seen re. peeing and pooping oneself is damage to one's clothing - which can be washed. To sum it up, just relax and enjoy it. You GO girl!

Pooping and wetting underwear, clothes and bedding are scattered through fairy and folk tales. (Not the Disney versions, the historical ones.)<br />
<br />
If possible, engage your lover in your fetish. You will develop a bond that will endure. I have never enjoyed solo as much as with a partner, in my case female. <br />
<br />
Females working in math, bio-science, literary fields are apt to engage in peeing games. They are also very intelligent and even stand-offish. Get to know them, be smart about hinting and playing, for someday you will get lucky. <br />
<br />
Once you find her (or him), never let them go. . .

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What about the smell? Dont you worry about it when youre around others or out in public?<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
i wonder that too. i've always wanted to try it myself. but i'm just too shy. plus i don't have that many clothes to begin with. though i would certainly worry about the smell.

que historia linda, gostaria de ter alguem da familia para poder conversar anertamente tambem

What about the smell? Dont you worry about it when youre around others or out in public?

i too enjoy the wonderful warm feeling as i poop, i will always ware womens panties and p/hose while i pee and poop, but its been a secret of mine that ive always been afraid to share, and untill i meet that right person it will stay a secret......

i LOVE you

Remember the time i discovered this fetish by my cousin who pooped her panties in front of me at the age of 12.<br />
Great story.

Man that is f..cking hot.I wish i had a girlfriend or even friends that would love to hang with me.And we could poop our pants together in public places.What a great story.One question.Do you ********** after doing a huge load in your pantys.Because i do and it feels so great.I too love it when you have a big poop filling up in your pants and they just keep getting heavier.

I wish i could get away with it that often. Sounds like you have a lot of fun.

I have always gone to toilet in my pants im now 22 i have never had problems with infections and when we pantspoopers clean up we get in the shower and clean with soap rather than Just wiping so in the end we are cleaner its Just something we enjoy if we were all like everyone else the world will be a boring place. Great story by the way i wish i knew you and your aunt lol

going in pants is the best, i love it how teh warm turds clump up and move around as i walk

Interesting account. As a permanent way of life it must cause some difficulties though. What about all the cleaning up for a start, not to mention the risk of 'back to front' infections. Also how do you cope in social situations where it's not appropriate for the others present to know you're doing it in your pants?

Sigmund F would say a poo fetish is the result of not getting past the anal stage. I knew a girl who would use the bathroom in her pants then try to ride tricycles and play on the mats with us. One day some of her excrement mixture leaked out and got all over us. Needless to say we didn't share our stuff with her for a long time. Least she could have done was warn us..I like that you warn people they could have decomposed food squished on them if they're too physical. :)

wow, I would love to go in my pants all the time. please don't stop the stories, i think you have one of the most original lifestyles out of anybody on this board. ... : ) you're not seeing anybody are you?

hah... i just have to laugh... makes me think of a time i pooped my pants. but not quite.. <br />
Why though. You do it anywhere? in school? at the mall? in the taxi? <br />
how do you manage to walk around and get home or what do you do? dispose of your panties? wash them when u get home? <br />
telll meee....lol