Not 100 Percent Of The Time

I can't really say that I pee or poop in my pants or my diapers 100 ercent of the time, but it probably approaches 90 percent. There are times when peeing or pooping my pants would be inconvienient, I don't mind embarrassment, but having to change my pants at work isn't usually practical, so  usually use the potty there. I have wet , pooped, or both in my diapers, a couple of times when I was working graveyards and had the whole shop to myself. though.

At home, practically the only use my toilet gets is as a place to clean out my pants after I've pooped and gotten around to changing. Unless someone is visitring, I go in my pants everytime there.

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I doo-doo in my diaper too. I've just done one of my biggest messes in my diaper

That is much the same with me. My undies are my toilet at home. Depending where about I am elsewhere whether I poop or pee my pants

I wear diapers all the time and change only one time in the morning and one time in the evening ...