I just don't get it. I'm good in school. I'm always getting good marks and awards. And I'm working especially hard to get into a good science set in year 9 because I want to get into medical school when I'm older. I also have friends that aren't at all a bad influence. They are mainly the reason I've won my battles with depression, self harm and bulimia.

So I don't know why my parents won't accept me just because my taste in music and fashion is different.

I love alternative music. Rock, metal, punk, hardcore, that type of thing.

I also love scene clothes. But I can't have them.


My parents don't think its satanic. They don't think that I should like what they like. The reason I'm not aloud to get involved in this kind of thing is because I'm black. I'm supposed to like crappy hip hop and soul music.

They say that people in bands i like are racists. That's another annoying trait my parents have, making assumptions. The people in these bands are my hero's and I don't believe before a second that they are racist. What's really racist is saying I can't love something because of the colour of my skin.

So please give me some advice!
ofsquidgyandcarlile ofsquidgyandcarlile
16-17, F
Aug 19, 2014