My Parents Hate Me

People say that no one's parents really hate them. Well that's as far from true as it can get. My parents absolutely despise me and can't stand to have me around. How do I know? Well they tell me so, quite often actually. I once talked to a school guidance counselor because my parents were upsetting me quite deeply. I said "they hate me, i mean they really hate me." She respomded by saying, "i'm sure they dont hate you" with the hint of a smile on her face, and the tone of voice indicating she was already bored, and wasn't in the mood to hear yet another teenager complain about how their parents hate them.
Well im not just ANY teenager, i'm different. Most kids think their parents hate them when they arn't allowed to go to a party, hang out at their friend's house, or even eat dessert. My parents arn't like that at all. My mom laughs when she makes me cry, she enjoys it. She enjoys telling me how annoying, worthless, pathetic, stupid, slutty(etc) I am. She has quite the full vocabulary of every curse word in the book as well. My dad never leaves me alone. With him it's constant badgering, screaming, and cursing. All at me. I have three sibling and i feel bad because they have to hear all of this arguing. My dad is always threating to kick me out of the house. These are just a few of the many reasons I feel that they really hate me. Whenever im upset they mimik me and laugh. Whenever I get angry, they. Tell me ' I'm not normal ' just for getting mad. No one ever believes a single word I say. If my parents deny it, i become a liar in the face of whomever heard me complain. My parents dope me up on meds in order to make me "respectful." The only reasom im on meds, is because my parents want to make it so they can be worse to me without getting any sort of actual reaction. Ha, more of a challenge I guess. You really do get used to it... I mean when you hear something enough times, you tend to believe and agree with it. You really do.
someone567 someone567
13-15, F
Dec 11, 2012