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They Didn't Make Me...

After a near accident in the car when I was about 9 years old I picked up a package of pull-ups or something similar and jokingly said that the trip would be more fun if I didn't have to worry about peeing on the back seat. My mom apparently missed the joke, because she said I could have them if I wanted them. Five years later and I still wear "protection" on every long trip.
princesspee96 princesspee96 13-15, F 10 Responses Sep 12, 2011

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That's kinda awesome that your mom lets you wear pull ups for long car rides :)

go for it and enjoy. i love it

I wanted to read your other stories, but EP blocked it. If you want me to see them, "add' me from your side or message me.

Smart girl! Why put yourself through the anxiety of "holding it" for hours?

your so cool:) love your should change your age status to 18 so you can add more friends

I always either wear a diaper or a catheter for long car rides. I've compromised my bladder so much by now, I would have to stop every 20 minutes to pee!

On long drives, there is still nothing like wearing a thick diaper and peeing when you are doing 65 mph.

I never really just wet my pants when I was a kid, and what I mean by that is, that I wouldn't empty my bladder completely. I would realize that I had to pee because I would just start peeing and it would take a brief second for me to stop peeing. So I’d have a small wet spot on the front of my pants. I learned early on not to tell anyone about this and I could go to the bathroom, finished peeing, wipe most of the pee off my pants and no one was the wiser because the spot was so small that it would dry quickly.<br />
Then I got rheumatic fever, spent weeks in the hospital where I was diapered for my entire stay, and was then kept flat on my back in bed for the next seven or eight months recuperating. By the time I was allowed up and around again, keeping me in diapers and become a routine for my mother that she didn't see any real reason to change. When I started school again, the diapers and rubber pants I had to wear were folded much thinner so they didn't really show up and two or three times during the school day I would have to visit the school nurse to get changed but eventually my mother would just diaper me for bedtime and the occasional drive-in movie or trip by car and/or by train. <br />
The trains back in the 1950s had what was called an observation car. It was like a two-story railroad car and the windows on the top where huge and gave a panoramic view all around the train. I can remember standing and looking out one of those windows at a river far below and sheer rock walls on both sides of the train as we wound our way through a canyon in the mountains. This was memorable because while I staring at the landscape I was also filling my diapers with poop. I can remember trying to be very casual and nonchalant about what I was doing because I was so fascinated by the landscape. I'm not sure what gave me away, the smell, or my body language but my mother figured it out and pulled my diaper bag off of the shelf above our seat and told me to come back to our seats and sit down so she could change my diapers. By the time she was finished changing me we were out of the canyon and I was disappointed by the new view out the windows. The one thing that I remember most clearly about that particular incident was how nice the poop felt when it smooshed up the front and back of my diapers as I sat down on the train seat and then laid down so my mother could change me. All these years later that is still one of my favorite feelings.

do you like wearing the diapers?

just in case rally they do comein handy many times