Diapered With Rubber Pants

When my Dad married my step mother, I was about 7 years old. My step mother's parents lived on a farm in Maine. So our family took regular trips from Massachusetts up to the farm, a 3 hour journey by car back in the early fifties. Our first trip up to the farm, I wet my pants, got changed into dry clothes, and wet them as well. I just couldn't hold it for very long and my Dad didn't want to make frequent stops along the way ( sound familiar ?). My grandmother suggested to my step mother that she ought to consider diapering me for such a long trip. They've gotta be kidding. Diapering a 7 year old boy? That's crazy. Right? Apparently not to my step mother.

My step mother borrowed a couple of grammy's cup towels and pinned them on me with safety pins. That's what I wore for the return trip, sitting on a waterproof sheet the whole way with no pants on. I had to ride with my cup towel diapers on where anyone could look in at stop lights and gas stops. They wouldn't give me a blanket to use as a cover because they said I would probably get it wet.

The next trip to Maine and return would be much different. My step mother had bought cloth diapers and rubber pants big enough to fit me. The rubber pants were actually plastic baby pants, but my step mother and dad called them rubber pants. She pinned me into a double diaper,but I was sure the baby pants would be too small for a 7 year old boy. Right? Wrong! She said that she had to get size toddler large or super in order to fit me properly. And they went on up over my diapers with a perfect fit. I was crushed and cried for her to take them off of me, promising not to wet any more. A new problem now emerged. My pants wouldn't fit over the bulky diapers and baby pants. So we left for Maine, me in the back seat sobbing in my diapers and plastic (rubber) baby pants. They did give me a sheet to cover myself with, but I was still selfconscious about being diapered. I covered myself and sobbed myself to sleep. When I awoke, the sheet had fallen off of me and we were at a gas stop. The gas attendant was looking in at me while pumping gas. The windows were down and I heard him remark that he thought I was kind of old to be in diapers.

When we arrived at my grand parents farm, my step mother just had to show grammy my new travel clothes, meaning my diapers and plastic baby pants. Grammy offered no mercy, calling grandpa to come over to see me in my diapers and rubber panties, as she called them. Gramp just told her to "leave the kid alone". I grew close to grandpa, partially be cause of this. He was my only friend in my shame. I still had to wear my diapers and plastic baby pants on the return trip, but grandpa made sure I had pants to wear that fit over my diapers before we left for the return trip.

My ability to hold my urine improved with age and eventually my step mother couldn't find plastic baby pants that would fit me. So I was diapered for a trip, but Dad compromised and added a stop or two on the trip. My step mother would routinely check to see how wet I was at these stops, and change me in need be. Near the end, I found that I kind of liked the feeling of being diapered and put in plastic baby pants because I seemed to get more attention from my step mother and grammy. Does that make sense to you? In retrospect, I think they needed a baby to pamper once again. And eventually, I kind of liked it in a way....
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yes i will never forget this always had nappy rash at the end

I envy you. I would have loved to be put back into diapers and plastic baby panties. I loved wearing rubber baby panties without a diaper. I loved all the different colors of rubber baby panties in both snap on and slip on style!!!

I am catholic and didnt make my first holy communion untill i was 14.it is normally done at age 7,but many things came up so it was put off.I was in the class with the 7 year olds and per the parish dress code,i had to wear the communion dress,veil,gloves,white tights and white mary jane shoes.under our tights we had to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants and instead of buying me teen size,my parents made me wear the toddler size rubberpants over my diaper like the little girls wore.I felt weird walking down the aisle being 14 and having a diaper and toddler rubberpants on under my tights.Every one in the congregation knew about the diaper and rubberpants requirement and as i walked down the aisle,i couldnt help but think what people must be wondering what i looked like with the diaper and rubberpants under my tights at 14.for my party,my mom had me take off the tights and put on lace socks and during the party she lifted up my dress and showed my friends and relatives the required diaper and rubberpants!

I was at Walmart last night doing some shopping and went past the infants dept.and there were 3 catholic teen girls in there school uniforms standing there in front of the diapers.the one girl picked up a package of the flat cloth diapers and took them out of the package and unfolded them and held them up to her waist.the other two girls looked at them and then they each picked up a package of the diapers.I walked over to them and told them i am catholic and that i know why they were buying the diapers.they told me they are being confirmed in a couple of months and have to wear the white dresses and veils with tights and mary jane shoes and that they wear the cloths diapers and plastic pants under their tights.I told them,i am familiar with them as i had to wear the diaper and plastic pants under my tights for my first communion when i was 14.they then each got a card of diaper pins,then went a got their tights and white under shirts.i told them wear to get their plastic pants from.

I had similar experiences as a kid. After an accident in the car when I was 4, I was always diapered for car trips -- "just in case." In the '50s, there were only cloth diapers and rubber pants, and I usually got a "double" diaper, which was extra thick.

Sometimes I got pants over my diapers, sometimes not, depending. At different ages, my mom often sewed me really "cute" but juvenile stuff to wear, like shortalls and bubble-butt sun suits. Once I got changed the first time, I seldom got pants back. It was always humiliating, but I kind of got used to it.

My mom also believed in harnesses, and especially when we were someplace strange, I frequently had to be in my harness and on a leash, "for my own safety."

I have worn diapers since age 13 because Ihave to. At first my stepmother put me in diapers but after I wet them just once she realized this was a mistake so after that I always had to wear plastic panties with a diaper, which I still do

The teacher I'm talking about was old, wrinkled and had little empathy, IMO. <br />
I never witnessed it myself, but I had heard about other boys who received punishment from her. Act like a baby and treated like one. One boy had a diaper pinned on over his pants. Other treatment like that. She was the only teacher who did this sort of thing, thankfully. <br />
Back then, no one ever questioned authority figures, so in some cases, they could get away with this sort of thing. I sincerely hope this doesn't happen now!

I can't imagine how humiliating it must have been to be pinned in a diaper and have plastic baby pants pulled on from the "baby room" and returned to the play area to take the jeers from my fellow kids at such an early age. I suspect it was mostly the boys who received such "corrective" treatment, was it not? Things were different back then.

I can just imagine how great it would be to have a pretty teacher say" okay baby boy, put your hands on my shoulders while I slip these pretty plastic baby panties over your diapers. That's a
Good boy, you look so cute in your rubber baby panties!!!!!!! Now you can go pee pee whenever
You want, just like a little baby!!!!!!

He still wets at night at 22 so have been diapering him since we first met and we both like it as it lets him know that he is submissive to me as being diapered by some one is a very submissive act. I also keep him free of body hair and keep him diapered most of the time but do let him wear goodnights to work now. At home it is plastic panties and thick cloth diapers and when out it is disposables with plastic panties

Well, good for you ( and him) Diane. Had you considered putting him in a diaper and plastic panties for work as well? I wore diapers to work for years without any problem. It would remind him constantly of his submissive state. It would be more humiliating in thought than in actual practice. Thin diapers and plastic pants do not really show unless he's wearing skin tight pants.

Dear Diane, I wish I could find a girl friend like you that enjoys changing plastic baby panties. I would submissively let you take me by the hand while telling me, " it's time for mommy to change your plastic baby panties. I would then lay submissively on the changing table, while you powdered my bottom and then spread my legs wide so you could snap a pair of cute pastel colored plastic baby panties on me all the while smiling up looking at you while you talk baby to me!!!!!!!!

I think your step-mother did what she thought was best in her mind. Protect the car. With no understanding of your condition, or feelings. Maternal instinct aside.<br />
Now, I can remember a grade school teacher I had in the early 60s who considered all misbehaving boys as babies. This involved diaper discipline in class. <br />
She was ill-suited to her profession. She didn't teach, she shattered psyches. To what end, I wonder?

You mean she actually pinned a diaper on the poor boy? In class! What about the girls that misbehaved? Did they suffer diaper discipline similar to the boys? I don't think she could get away with that today!

My husband agrees with you as he remembers getting changed at rest stops and being at gas stations in just his diapers,plastic pants and a t shirt when he had to go along to get a coke or candy bar. Now he generaly is in a onzie and dispoable diapers with plastic panties and when we stop i let him pull on a pair of shorts to go in

Sounds like your husband had a similar experience of being diapered on trips. I was not made to be changed or go into a place at reststops. They figured I was diapered and in plastic panties and I didn't need to go anywhere. They change my diaper in the car and pulled my plastic panties back up and that was that. Sounds like your husband had a traumatic experience in being forced to go into rest stops with just a diaper , T shirt, and plastic panties on. Do you diaper him like my wife does for me now?

Yes back in the 50s I too was sometimed diapered for long trips. Mom had some Curtys and the 27x27 birdseyes and she had some of each folded with thick with 3 diapers. I perfered just the diapers and plastic pants in the car just more confortable. I got to where I enjoyed wearing those diapers-my mom was so skillful at pinning that diaper

I remember both the Curity and Birdseye cloth diapers. Sounds like you had similar experiences of being diapered on long trips Scott. How old were you during this period when you were diapered? Sounds like you had a better attitude toward wearing diapers and plastic pants than I did. Wished I was more like you back then....

I loved wearing plastic baby panties with a diaper shirt during the summer or when I was in the car.
They were so comfortable. I loved the babyish feeling I got from the sound and feel of the rubber baby panties between my thighs. Wish I could go back to those babyish times.

Hi i know how you were feeling. I have had that done to me, put in a cloth nappy and plastic baby panties, at the age of 9 years old. in my day you could buy teenager plastic pants, but i got to enjoy them. I did fall in love with them. and now to this very day still love them and wear them evey night. and now i do have some nice frilly plastic lace panties. So please don't give them up. I now just love all my plastic panties Bruce.

I went the same way major. I got to enjoy my cloth diapers and plastic pants too as I got older. I have a large collection now of both diapers and plastic pants of today for ABDL and of vintage plastic or rubber pants of years gone by. They feel so nice, don't they.

Bruce there is nothing more comforting than wearing puffy pastel colored plastic baby panties to

This never happened to me, though it would have been easier than holding it for as long as I had to, they didn't stop very often, diapers would have been so much easier, that being said it would have been embarrassing, I have heard of this before, a friend of mine said they used to do this to his sister on long trips

I guess today I would consider his sister lucky to have been diapered on long trips back then.

Hi how's one going are you still enjoying your frilly lace rubber panties, like i do. I always thank you for you comments that you send to me, and they are all gratefully received. I am keeping well and also enjoy those lovely frilly lace rubber panties that we both wear and enjoy the pleasure that they give us. would love to hear from you. alway and ready to receive you comment or stories about our love for frilly lace rubber panties. Bruce.

Yes, I still enjoy my lacey rhumba plastic panties and wear them over both cloth and disposable diapers. They feel so nice and babyish, don't they Bruce. Or were you referring to my rubber panties in my posted images, the ones with the pink lace around the waist and leg elastics.

My parents didn't ever make me, but I made myself wear diapers coast to coast the last time I went from the east coast to the west coast and right back.... It was a very comfortable & comforting long ride, and although I had rest "breaks", I rarely had to stop at the bathrooms along the way, except to dispose of disposables, and an occasional restroom change (very racey stuff!!)... <br />
<br />
My greatest single experience was at a roadside (trucker) pullover sleeping spot (I think) in Texas where I was able to be outdoors, in the pitch black of a moonless night, changing my diaper/plastic pants, and then standing there in a fresh diaper/plastic pant reveling in the greatness of the night sky and the Milky Way. My God that was breathtaking... (Hope none of those truckers were using infrared cameras...) <br />
<br />
The diapers DID NOT seem like such a big deal in the grand scheme of the Universe, if you know what I mean... Inconsequential, but part of the real me...<br />
<br />
It felt good to show the Universe who I really am. I imagine it's the same with the original poster finally realizing that the diapers helped him to get noticed a bit, after all those trips he felt shameful about...<br />
<br />
BTW, what a smart grandpa you had petti100!<br />
<br />

You're right on ABDreamz. I wear diapers and plastic pants 24/7 now. So that includes trips as well. The shame eventually wore off and now I love the feel of a thick diaper and plastic pants between my legs. I've changed many a time on the road out of necessity and always find it a challenging experience. I always try to use the handicapped stall in the rest room for the room to maneuver when changing. Changing a diaper and plastic pants in more of a challenge in a regular stall, I find.

Great story and my husband can remember doing the same and actualy is diapered for any long trips now too. Enjoy your diapers and be sure to be the wife for your wife and never stop needing to be diapered

Thank you for your comment Diane. My wife does diaper me and pulls on my plastic pants during changes on occasion. She is terrific! We've been married for 43 years now.

Thank you for your comment much appreciated. I know we do love our frilly lace plastic panties and other baby plastic pants. I hope you have got a pair on right now, so i can join you in play. I am your plastic panties lover. So let's enjoy. Your friend, Bruce.

I tend to be extra careful with my frilly lace plastic panties, especially the plastic lined satin rhumba panties. I have a purple, pink and white pairs of rhumba panties plus a couple with lace on regular plastic panties. I only have pullon milky white plastic pants at the moment covering a nice thick Abina diaper. Feels great!

Grandpop probably wore diapers tooo, so he knew how you felt! Old guys are like that!

If he did, I didn't know about it.

I had a similar thing happened to me when I was about 6 . I liked 2 hold back my poop . I was always having a mistake so my mother put me in diapers & plastic Panties . Than had the neighbor bring her 6 year old daughter 2 make fun of me . She denied it till her dieing day , but I remember it like it was yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must have been tramatic back then. But wouldn't it be nice to relive that experience knowing what you know now and suffer the humiliation again with your present attitude about diapers and plastic panties?

I would love for the 6 year old daughter to change my plastic baby panties.

thanks for shameing and yes maybe your step mum wanted baby even for a short time !

Today I would gladly be her baby.....

Hi I see you were in the same boat as i was. When i was 8 years old i was still wearing a nappies and plastic pants, on long trips. my mother used to buy older childrens and teenager plastic pants, for me. In the end i got to enjoy them. Especially rubber and plastic pants. And you do notice that there are a number of us still in nappies and plastic pants. I have a friend, she makes all my plastic pants for me now, and make a good job to. I love to wear animal printed patterned plastic baby pants. she is making me some new frilly lace plastic panties, i just love to wear them. Yes i know how you did feel at the time. but now you just love them like i do. Your friend, Bruce.

Bruce, I would like to have your friend make a few pairs of plastic baby panties for myself. I
Would pay her to do so. Please let me know.

I like your story a lot. It did not hapen to me like that. But the idea to be put in diapers on road trips sounds great.

It's great if you're not shamed into doing it. Once it became routine, I didn't mind it as much.And actually started to like being put in diapers and plastic baby pants. Thank you for your comment Marty.