Cross Country

When I was about 8 years old, my family went on a cross country road trip. To be on time for the places we were going, my dad had to drive a lot. That meant two things. One, he was really grumpy, and two, we weren't going to stop for bathroom breaks. After we stopped for a break, everyone in my family had gone to use the bathroom except for my brother, who was ten, and thought he could be manly and hold it. After about 30 more minutes on the road, my brother exclaimed quite urgently that he had to pee. Naturally my dad told him to hold it, since we had just stopped. A half hour later, I looked over and watched my brother's pants slowly turn darker around the crotch. My sister, who was about a year younger than me exclaimed "Look at Augie!" My mother, who was in the passenger seat taking a nap, turned around and saw my brother. My mom and dad started talking but I was in the very back seat of our SUV listening to a CD, so I couldn't hear them. My dad pulled over in the next town, which was fairly large, to a convenience store. It was also a truck stop/gas station, so my dad took me and my sister to use the bathroom again. When I came back, my mom and brother were sitting in the car, and my dad told us to get in. My dad started driving again, and in about five minutes got off the highway onto a deserted country road. He drove down the road for maybe a half mile, then pulled over. At this point I was so into my CD, so I didn't notice what my mom took out of the back of the car and that my brother followed her. After about five minutes, my mom came back and took my sister, then five minutes later came and told me to get out of the car. I followed her a little into the woods where a blanket was placed. On the blanket were a pack of the largest diapers they make for kids, baby powder, and baby oil. My mom told me that after my brothers accident, she thought it would be a good idea if us kids wore diapers while in the car. It didn't seem like I had a choice and I was actually kind of interested in wearing one, so like a good kid, I allowed my mother to put one on me. As she started greasing me with the baby oil, she explained that I should use the diaper when I needed to go to the bathroom (in both cases) and tell her when I did. After she was done with the oil, she put a lot of powder on, then put the diaper on me with expert care. After that I put my pants back on and went into the car. I could see both me brother and my sisters diaper bulge from under their pants, but my shorts were a little big so it wasn't as noticeable. I climbed into the very back seat, and we were on our way. After a little while I felt tired so I spread out on the (to an 8 year old) spacious back seat and fell asleep. When I woke, we were in another town, and my mom was sitting in the car. I sat up, and immediately felt a weird feeling surrounding my swimsuit area. My mother must have heard me, because she turned around and smiled at me. My dad brother and sister were getting sandwiches, but they left me in the car with her. She asked if I had used the bathroom, and I said I couldn't tell. Then my mom told me to pull my shorts down, and when I did, I was surprised to see a yellow tint to the diaper. My mom could read my face and tell that I had gone, so she made me get into the very back cargo area. Then my mom proceeded to change me in the back of our car, while other people were walking by. The rest of the trip went exactly like that. And since that was the beginning of the trip and it lasted two more weeks, I eventually had to use diapers even when we weren't driving. After the trip ended I had trouble at night for about a month and my parents made me wear pullups even after that.
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I also had to wear diapers on long distance and short distance trips. They kept a diaper bag in the backseat for changes. Over time went from large baby diapers to youth diapers.

I'm going on vacation soon on a bus 'bout 20hrs. What kind of diapers should I get?