Me And My Brother

My brother and I were both late getting potty trained both day and night. Although we were both daytime around 6 years old, the bedwetting continued into our teens

Whenever we were going to be in the car for more that about an hour, we both had to wear diapers under our shorts or jeans in case we fell asleep. Also it made for fewer bathroom stops for mom and dad. When we did stop at a gas station or rest stop, mom or dad would change us if needed (and we usually did). At first mom would take us into the women's restroom but as we got older then dad mostly did it.

Sometimes they would just change us at the picnic table on the bench (or table) at the rest stops. Other times if the restroom was busy or dirty then we got changed in the back seat of the car. It was always kind of embarrassing when other parents and kids would see us getting changed.
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I was seven or eight on the last time is was put in nappies for a long car trip and remember the picnic bench change very well.

if we were ever in the car longer that say 10 minents we had to wear a diaper too

Yes I do. I fell out of a big tree in our backyard when I was 8. It really messed me up and I have been wearing diapers 24/7 since then. My brother stopped wearing on trips when he was almost 13.

Did it bother you that he didn't have to wear them when you still did?

No it didn't bother me but sometimes I really felt like my brother was jealous of the attention I got.

it is actually a very practical solution. Do you still wear a diaper on car trips? If not, how old were you when you stopped?

Yes as I have worn them 24/7 since the accident at age 8. My sons are still young but they wear on car trips too.