Punished By My Parents :(

this was about a year ago. my parents are very strict and unlike normal parents they find different ways to punish me like sometimes spanking and other times wedgies. i am going to tell u about a particular time.

ok today i had already gotten up late which made my parents angry, i alsp missed the bus. my mom drove me to school. i was pissed so i slammed the door ten went into school. in school i found my friends and went to lesons i had forgotten my homework and i was being rude to the teachers. the headmaster called home and i was taken to his office.
later on i went home and my mom was there she told me to go take a shower and go to my room i did. while i was in the shower i decided to have down there.
i got out and went to my room and put on some clothes. i then went downstairss to the frontroom. mom was in the kitchen. she came in and said i was meant to stay upstairs i said i didnt care and kept reading my mag. she then said she had a phone call today and that she was done with my attitude. i told her to shove off. at this point i was laying on my belly. he came charging over to me and grabbed my granny panties. she pulled very hard and lifetd me to my feet. i screeched and tpld her to stop she then pulled even hharder and my feet were now off the ground. she started bouncing me and i moaned as the material went in to my crack. she then said she was fed up of me and i told her i didnt care. she took me to the bathroom and hung me on the peg and pulled my legs i was moaning very hard. she then said it wernt enough and grabbed the front of m panties. i yelped and moaned a the material shot up my vagina. i started crying and she gave me and squeaky clean then hung me back on.

i was there for about half and hour and then my dad came home. i hated t when he punished me, it hurtss like hell. anyway he came in and mom told him everything he came storming in and i got scared. he took the front of my panties and bounced me there. i moaned so hard the he made me crouch o the floor and get up again several times which hurt alot. then he took the back and pulled me down stairs. we went to the frontroom and he wedgied me more there then he said "i think its time u had a spanking." i was 14 at the time. he grabbed my arm and pulled down my trousers then pulled my panties out and down and off completely. then he sat down and put me over his knee. he started the spanking i was screaming. he then got my mom to open my thighs. he spanked my inner thighs. he then said
"i notice u have shaved ur vagina courtney" i said "yes daddy i did!" he said "well then as u know u r not allowed to do that u will get punished there aswell" i hated when he doe that. he asked mom to open my legs wider. then he cupped his hand around my vagina and rubbed it for a minute it stung and felt horrible with his hands. then he started to spank it hurt so much. he then turned me over and said that he had also caught me ************ the other night then he said "well if u like to be touched down there alot then see how u like this, i dont think itll be fun for you" he started rubbing really hard and it was hurting i was moaning aswell. "owwieouch stop daddy please it hurts" he then dug deeper and started tugging and squeezing then he stopped.
he told be to go to bed and i did.

the next day was saturday and i woke up and got dressed. i then played on my phone in my bed then fell asleep. but i was woken up by mom who dragged me to the kitchen. my dad was standing at the table with: 3 eggs, chocolate, ice cubes, squirty cream, caramel, syrup, honey, hot sauce, tinned tomatoes (those really squishy ones) and mushy peas. he grabbed me and bent me over the table. he pulled my shorts down and panties out at the back and put an egg ylk and white in and some squirt cream and 2 ice cube, syrup, caramel, tomatoes, and a whole egg right underneath me between my vagina and butt and put everything else except mushy peas in . the mom put the same in the front and a lot more caramel and the mushy peas. then they wedgied me dad at the front and mom at the back i moaned and screamed and cried it hurt so bad. finally they stopped and took me upstairs my the wedgie. him and mom stood me in the bath and took all my clothes off except my panties. dad said the egg had not properly cracked yet so he went and got the paddle. he said i looked like i had a ****. then he bent me over and mom held me there. he then opened my legs and placed the paddle there then rubbed for a second the BAM he hit the egg it cracked straight away and i yelped. then he took off my panties and the food was everywhere and at the front too. he turned the shower on and started washing my bum, rubbing it and putting his hand up and down my crack. then he gave the shower to mom and bent me backwards. then he tarted rubbing my vagina while mom held the shower in poition. it made me start moaning again so dad spanked in twice the rubbed harder again saying it was because he wanted to get everything out.

we finally finished and they dried me then dad spanked me agin on my *** and the vagina i was moaning and crying when they finally finished they took me to my room and dressed me then i was toold i was grounded till further notice. i tried to argue but then dad and mom gave me a squeaky clean that stung so i stayed in my room
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ooot thats painful. I am glad I was not punished that way ever. I was left with a kick or two only to the crack

Okay I wrote a story like this, but mine is true. Im not saying yours isnt true, but just saying i havr one like you

I can understand the wedgies and eggs and spanking on the butt but fingering and rubbing your vag is insane!

Frankly I think is really a kinky 26-30 year old's (as it says on her profile) fantasy. Interesting fantasy, nice reading.

Child abuse tell some one please this is and will always be child abuse.

I think this is a fantasy, no normal people would do this to their child

are your parents out of their mind???? I can see bearing your butt and giving you a good spanking if you deserve but what is with the food stuff and cracking eggs?? This sounds like somebody is nuts??

This turns me on

But sad

There's still time, think of it as part of the healing/moving on process. Also they should pay for what they have done.

That's child abuse, sexual abuse at that! You should report them, no child deserves that for any reason EVER.

i know i would have done but i moved out a little after that and lived with my boyfriend and his parents

thank god u moved out
that's definitely abuse!