I Don't Undersatnd

i've been with my partner about three years and am in love though of late i have noticed the past seems to be having a major affect on our day to day life, waking up screaming, very jumpy, very quiet, i coming from a relatively sheltered life don't under stand an am finding it harder to help and feel usefull, but i'm in love and don't wanna leave.


does anyone have a similar challenge or any ideas to help.


Stuffedupnz Stuffedupnz
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

The worst thing I'd say you could do is to leave. That will make him or her feel more unwanted and unloved than they do already. If you truly love the person then I would stay with them. Always. Let them know you will always be there. It's a great comfort. Other than that I have no idea what to do seeing as I'm in a similar predicament.