A sad girl at her lowest
Her past made her even more blue
She tried to be at her best
But pain was all her heart knew

There came a man who tried to make her smile
He made her feel she was pretty
All he did was walk an extra mile
To make her fall so quickly

Though she tried to hide the pain
She just couldn't see it through
With him she thought happiness she'd gain
But to walk with him she just couldn't do

"I'm happy for him", she thought of her past
Because he has found another
But then this thought couldn't last
As the truth in her heart was a bother

And so she had to let the other go
For t'was unfair for him to be with her
"I'm sorry, I still love him, so please leave me and go"
A hug, a hand squeeze and a smile was all he could offer

For the girl at her lowest couldn't just move forward yet
Hoping someday her heart would be at ease
At her own pace, her own time, she'd forget
But her love for him will be eternal until she rest in peace
amelianiccole amelianiccole
31-35, F
Aug 21, 2014