How I Perceive A Muslim Female Should Be Like !

Well i know a lot of you will jump to the guns but what i want to say is what i feel especially considering i am myself a muslim female who belong to a very strict islamic family back in saudi arabia and has spent 21 years there so here goes .....

How i think a muslim female should be like,

I think she should be modern and should pursue education, since it is her birth right :) ... if she wants to shun the hijab/veil/scarf she should have every right to ! .... She should have a right to pursue a career if she wants to ! she should should have the right the chose a partner, a boy friend, a husband, a fiance' etc etc even he is not a muslim ! she should have the right to drive, to vote to do everything a human being has right to do ! She should have the right to wear any clothing she wants rather than a clothing line enforced on her, if she wants to wear a bikini at the beach, it is her right, if she wants to tan topless at the beach it is her right ! ......

She should have the right to chose the sex of her partner, male or female, she should not be executed like what is happening for choosing a female partner or having a bf/gf and having sex with him, because DUH ! that is what bf/gf are suppose to do !

Well i was just thinking about this stuff, for me such a muslim female is a modern model for the world and can stand up tall and proud in a progressive society :) atleast i inspire to be one like this !
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11 Responses May 13, 2012

Nice speech and good thinking, thank You. You are very brave and modern, good for You.

Please read this book "The Way home or face The Fire"

you saoudian bravo for your courage I am married with pakistan woman

Wow. So true. I love when Arab women stand up and show their fire ;) That's about as hot as it gets...

God did not make females to be some piece of chocolate for a man to slobber over. He gave us beauty for all to admire, to represent his image and find Muslim beauty to be such a waste as these women hide their faces, gorgeous hair, lips and the body. There are many, many times that I wish women over there would just....I don't know, maybe come together, get some guns and start defending themselves. I hear stories like a woman being killed by her husband becuase she 'gave' him a daughter, or a woman was raped and was being threatened to either marry her rapist or go to jail. Then I heard about a woman who got her nose cut off becuase she ran away from home. I mean the horror stories just NEVER end and as a woman it just constantly reminds me that we in a world where men rule and it's not exactly all that fair to use females becuase the world was almost shaped to pleasure or favor men. Just terrible.

The world needs more women like you!

I am an advocate of women's rights. I think it is insane when a woman or girl has to dress as a boy to take care of their family. That a woman can be punished for driving a car, drinking, or wearing jeans. I think she should be educated, loved, and appreciated. She should hold office is she so desires. She can make her own choices. I may not like your choices, I may not always agree with them, but I will accept it as a part of who you are. The reason I like you is who you are!

I totally agree with you. The one thing I hate about Muslims is how they treat woman. I know I am perceived as an enemy because I am a liberal in my beliefs. I have many friends that dress, have different sexual persuasions, and different beliefs than mine.<br />
<br />
They caught a Christian pregnant woman, dragged her through the streets beating her where she lost the baby. I think you should be treated gently and lovingly as the creatures you are. <br />
<br />
You should be able to dress the way you want, and choose your own boyfriend, tan topless if you so desire. I do not even care if you choose to go to the beach in the nude if that is your desire and it is a nude beach. I am not the one to judge.

Hi Haala, and I believe this is the real muslimah way of life.<br />
That is sad when majority of muslims believe hijab is mandatory,<br />
thus it makes other muslimah to be oppressed. <br />
<br />
How to reach such freedom, dear?<br />
The freedom to wear whatever we want?

I think every woman, no matter her race, or religion, should have all the freedoms you mentioned about. We are in the 21st century, ALL women around the world should have the same liberation as the women in the US and many(if not all) the EU have.

I had to read "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Gilman for my English class...and it was a very powerful story of a woman's descent into madness, but underneath that was the symbolic side, and it portrayed the way men treated women in the 1920's in America. If you've never read it before you should check it out.

What a great story! So many people have perceptions about muslim females that are untrue. Muslim women aren't all the same. I love your definition of a modern Muslim female someone who is confident and educated and has the right to decide what happens to her. :-)

I agree that the more we travel, get to understand other cultures and become friends from those other than our own we are able to see our own lives through a different lens. I've always wanted to study/live abroad. In high school I was accepted to go on an exchange to Italy but my dad refused to sign the form thinking it was unsafe. However I realize now that if travel is important to me I shouldn't let others stop me. I might have to read your experience about Barcelona.

Sarah sounds like a very good friend. Hope you can visit America some day

great insight. Thank you.