My First Time Diaper Disciplined By My Parents

Since I've joined EP, ive had some interesting conversations with people in private messages, about my past experiences and how they have affected me. EP is the first place that ive ever risked revealing anything from certain parts of my past. When you have deep secrets, you always run the risk of someone betraying you in real life - and once its out its out. I feel safe here to reveal things without worrying about my real life being affected by old memories.

Yes, its true, I have a diaper fetish. I dont wear all the time, and nor do i want to. I have to be in the mood, and when i am i always try and look as almost 'slutty' as possible outwardly, whilst wearing my diaper underneath. I often wonder why im not as into the baby stuff as everyone else. Ive read a lot of peoples experiences on here and noone seems to have really likened theirs to mine.

I barely remember being diapered as a young child. Its not a part of my memory that I have, but i know my parents used cloth and large pins. I remember the pins as my mother kept them for years afterwards. I also found a pair of rubber panties when I was about 6. I didnt really know what they were but tried them on and didnt like them. The rubber was thick and old. I showed them mother and she threw them out into the trash.

My father was always strict and I knew that from day one. He had no tolerance for anything other than complete obediance and although mom didnt always agree she always went along with it. I never saw him hit her, but she was definately wary of him.

Out of myself and my sister, I was always in more trouble. I was older by 2 years and seemed to get the blame for everything mischevious that happened. I remember the usual punishments, early bedtime was a favourite and I hated that. I also had things confiscated and was spanked only on a couple of occasions.

Things changed when I was around nine. It was a Saturday and I was in my parents room, searching under their bed for an old boardgame I wanted to play. I pulled out a magazine that was rolled up under the bed and was shocked to see lots of naked women in sex poses. I didnt really understand it was a **** magazine but I did wonder why it was under my parents bed, and why did they have an interest in it. I took it back to my room, and got into bed and read it under the covers. All the pictures had very beautiful women with large breasts, brown bodies, and hair between their legs. It fascinated me.

I got that engrossed that I didnt hear my father on the landing and i hid the magazine under my pillow. I had to go downstairs to say grace for lunch and forgot about it. Later on that afternoon my mom must have found it as she was changing the sheets upstairs. I heard her call my father who got up and went upstairs. I was watching tv and didnt think much of it. He was up there for about 15-20 minutes before he called me himself to come upstairs.

I knew the tone of his voice was a warning something was wrong, but that wasnt unusual with my dad. He found fault in everything and would often make me cry or pout with the constant instructions he barked at me and my sister. iw as frightened of him really.

I went upstairs and both were in my bedroom. I remember seeing moms face before I saw the magazine laid out in the middle of my bed. She had a worried look on her face, and she never said a word. My father on the other hand was red in the face and as soon as i walked through the door he shouted '******* explain nosey snooping little cow!'

I felt tears come and ,my legs shook with shame and fear they'd thought i was looking at naked pictures. I opened my mouth and i remember him saying 'just shut up...SHUT UP....this is the final straw..your just a child, what the **** are you thinking having this in your bedroom?'

I opened my mouth to say id found it in their room and suddenly he hit me with it, threw it at me. I covered my face with my hands and peeped through them at my mom for help. She had one hand clasped over her mouth and she was shaking her head slowly. She still didnt say a word.

I started to cry and he came over and grabbed me by the arm, swearing and shouting that 'i was filthy and no daughter of his'. i stumbled along as he pulled me, I just felt mortified he thought i was hiding the magazine. We got to the edge of the bed.

He shouted..'You want to be filthy, ill show you ******* filthy' and with that his hand reached down to my leggings and he jerked them downwards,exposing my panties. I screamed and thought he was going to spank me. Mom said 'David, dont' but he didnt even seem to hear her, and then she did nothing else to help me.

Dad jerked my leggings half way down and i prepared to be put over his knee. It had happened only a couple of times before in my life but i still cried and cried begging him not to. Then suddenly i felt his hand grab the waistbandof my panties and rip. He ripped them clean off me. the material split and came away and dropped to the floor, still wrapped around my one leg via the leggings.

That really shocked me, i just froze, I remember feeling the cold air on my *** and realised i was pretty much naked from the waist down. I just went numb with shock and it actually stopped me crying for a few seconds. Dad pushed me face down onto the bed and held me there firmly.

I panicked and began to struggle, kicking my legs out, my face still buried into the pillow. and my arms splayed. I heard dad say..'get Donna's night pampers'. Donna was my six year old sister, who still had the occasional night time accident so they kept a pack of pampers pullups in her room.

I lay there crying and sobbing. dad was still angry by the tone of his voice, i tried to explain and he screamed at me to ''shut up' and all this stuff about taking me in hand before i got out of control.

I felt mom draw near and I cried 'mom, tell him...' and she shook her head as i looked up at her, but in her eyes i could tell she was as shocked as me. She didnt try and stop him, instead she handed him this pullup.

Dad slapped my *** hard, and pulled my hair, like he was trying to get my attention. He shotued 'open your legs and stop your ******* struggling.' I felt him force my legs apart, and then he said 'Karen get it over her legs'.

The leggings were tugged down, i couldnt see a thing, i was screaming and sobbing and twisting my head from side to side. I felt this crinkly type material hook over both my feet and mom tugging them up as dad held me down in the small of my back. All i could do was moan and flap my arms.

When the pullup was almost over my ***, dad had a problem getting it to fit. My sister was 6, i was 9 and a lot bigger in width. The pullup ripped a little at both sides, and dad swore. He rolled me over and ordered me to breathe in and stop being arkward, but i wasnt doing anything. I was aware that my pubic area was now on display to both my parents for the first time since I could really remember. Dad grabbed my legs and lifted me in the air trying to get it under me and succeeded but the sides ripped more.

Mom ended up bringing him some thick packaging tape where he finally secured the sides. It sounds odd now but at that point i just stopped struggling. I lay there on the bed, i can remember looking up at my mom and dad who were busy securing the pullup and checking the elastic was fitted good around the legs. I just let them do it, i admit it. My head hurt, my back hurt, my *** hurt and i was so upset i was shuddering as I lay there and cried.

Dad grabbed me up by the arms, twisted me around and checked it from the back. 'You want to look at filth? Your a dirty filthy girl looking at that and hiding it from us, this will teach you what happens when girls like you, start messing around with things that are none of your concern'

I remember sobbing and my chest ******* but i didnt say anything back to him, in case he did something else. My sisters voice suddenly said 'whats going on?' She had come upstairs and was standing in the doorway looking confused. She looked at me and her gaze lowered to my pullup. She looked, and turned, and i heard her running back downstairs, without saying a word.

Mom made herself busy round the room, as if everything was perfectly normal. She slowly picked the clothes off the floor and handed me my leggings back. 'Put them on' she said, so i did. My leggings felt weird with a bulge at the back.

Dad marched out of the room and i could hear him stomping down the stairs. I immediately went to mom and said..'mom sorry...'

She looked at me for a moment and said..'Just go along with the punishment without causing a fuss. You know you did wrong looking at that, if you dont make a fuss then this will all be over soon, and your dad will calm down and things will go back to normal.'

I felt confused and said 'how long have i got to wear this for?' Mom hesitated and said ' a week i think, its a form of behaviour control for really bad behaviour...when your father calms down, im sure he will let you out of them.'

I looked down at my front, i could see them bunched up in between my legs. I asked a stupid question..'But why?'

Mom said quietly 'because your father says so' and left the room.

When I think back on the past like I have revisiting it here out of my memory makes me feel all those childhood feelings again. Im sitting here currently transported back to the feeling of confusion and fear as the pullup was sliding up my legs.

Im not sure if i should go on with the story, but ill see how I feel perhaps tomorrow....
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If this is true, I'm sorry this happened to you. This is a form of child abuse and your parents are wrong for doing this to you as a child.

i know the feelings you have i to have them i deal with it in many ways but one works for me

Of course, this was a terrible way for both your parents to act, but there's no fixing stupid. I'm guessing that your dad was taking out his aggression on you because he'd been dumb enough to leave the mag in a place where a 9-year old could find it - HIS mistake, not yours...

Anyway, if this incident is what started you on the road to diaper-wearing, then so be it. It's not the most terrible thing to live with, but it's terrible that you have to think back on, and remember so vividly, what both parents put you through. Hopefully, for you, wearing is more about reliving what you may not have gotten as a child - love and understanding, and in that vain, I hope you find it with those around you now.

Diapers are no big deal in the grand scheme of things, and whatever brings you comfort should be something you give yourself as often as you feel it necessary.

Relax and enjoy it!

After reading your other comment about not having a connection to the baby side of wearing diapers this incident pretty much explains it I think.