My Quotes

1.You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough

2. We all have that person in our life we can't live without

3. If you want to be trusted be honest
If you want to be honest be true
If you want to be true be yourself

4.I like critism it make me strong

5. Don't worry about anything instead tell god what you need and thank him

6. Just because I didn't fight back doesn't mean I am weak it just means that I am matured to know that anger won't resolve anything

7.1 universe 8 planets 204 contrys 804 islands 7 seas 7 billion people don't let one ruinon your day

8.Don't talk to me just because you are bored I'm not here to entertain you and don't come to me when you need a faver I dont like being used.

9.Look at the stars they shine for you

10.Dear journal:
I give up its over

11.A good freind knows all your stories
A best freind lived them with you

12. Freinds buy you lunch
Best freinds eat yor lunch

13. She's my bestfreind break her I'll break your face

14. True freinds are like glue they stick
ILoveHarryS ILoveHarryS
13-15, F
Jan 8, 2013