I Wanted To Shared My Letter

First the context. My fiance ended our relationship 3 months ago because of some very complicated reasons including her mother dying. Since then she has moved on with another man. So this is my final letter and gift:

"Dear xxx,
Please accept this guitar as a gift of my love to you. I have no other attachment to a material item. Everything else in this house means nothing to me. I have held this guitar for over a thousand hours, almost as long as I held you in my arms.  I have learned from it, played it with joy and frustration and enjoyed releasing my spirit into it. The guitar has become a part of me. I have played music to the thought of your beautiful presence, your smile, and your deep compassionate eyes and written music for you which only I have heard. This guitar will always have my spirit and the chords that I have strummed will always resonate in your heart and mine. I am sure it will play for you when you most need it and play it yourself learn if you want or just keep it close by and pass it onto the next generation. Please accept the guitar. It would hurt so much if you did not. I have another guitar to play with but this one is yours.
I love you

Also, two years ago we had a miscarriage and it really affected her. I have been holding onto the ultrasound and carrying it with me for years secretely. I placed the ultrasound in the guitar case.

Is this too much??
romantic199 romantic199
36-40, M
May 25, 2012