School Life

In my school life, there's no doubt that I never belonged. It all started in 1st grade lol. I was practically in my own world. I used to get really bored very easily. I was very much a day dreamer. Teachers complained about that to my parents. I knew that and didn't have a care in the world. But then my parents started speaking to me on that. I woke up from my own little world and followed the "school rules." Teachers were impressed and many said I was an intelligent student. But everything changed since 3rd grade. I began to despise school cause I felt like it made my life miserable and all i wanted to do was BE OUT THERE. Not stuck in a classroom all day or in school. I felt like I was in prison. Till this day nothing has changed. I'm in high school and in 3 years I'm going to college because it's almost the only way for me right now. Don't get me wrong im like a B+ student. It's just that the school I was in didn't give me enough credit for my hard, honest work or creativity but I'm hoping the new school I go to will notice my brilliance !! I think they will, Its a more Intellectual and creative school :)
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If they only made school more fun