My Favourite Fantasy

I have this one fantasy that I use whenever I need to get myself over the edge, it could help me in sex or just on my own and I love it, I dont really change much in it over the years to me its perfect.

My brother had a flat once, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom with the front door leading into the lounge and opposite is the main bedroom with an ensuite. it wasnt very big but was layed out perfect for me.

my fantasy would start with me walking to my front door and hearing noises i sneak around the side and there are 2 girls rummaging through my stuff in the bedroom I realise that 1 of them live next door to me with her mum .i go to the front door and realise they found my spare key, I look at them both and find them extremely attractive, they are wearing singlets and really short shorts, with their hair in a ponytails. very tight bodies and some nice boobs to go with their frames. thats when my mind goes dirty.

Instead of calling the police i decide to make some noise as if I was unlocking the door as they hear it they panic and in the corner of my eye I catch them running into the closet opposite my bed. I lock both doors (as they only have 1 key to unlock one of the doors) I make plenty of noise to make the assumption I dont know they are in my room. I walk into my bedroom put my stuff down and fall on my back on the bed facing the door to the closet, now the closet has horizontal slits just giving a person enough of a view to see in the room. Im in my suit with a tie and i take my jacket off, I then undo my belt undo the clips and button of my pants and put my hands down my underwear and start stroking my already erect ****. While im doing it im just imagining these 2 girls watching my every move.

I kick off my shoes and pull my pants down and boxers and my **** is exposed to these 2 girls eyes. I deliberately go slow and stroke it all the way up and down. I start moaning and then since i know the girls name I moan her name as i stroke myself how beautiful she is and how I want her to suck my **** ect. precum is dripping down my **** now and im really getting into it. I control myself and stop, take a breath and get up I then open the door and see 2 girls with shocked looks on their faces and I grab them both by the hair and make them stand against the bedroom wall. Both are scared and frightened i look at them im completely naked with a hard on now, I tell them in calling their parents as they broke into my house the neighbours girl tells me please no we wont do it again!! i tell her no its bad luck, I then suggest she does something for me i tell her to take her clothes off as well as her friends. they look at each other and comply, one is wearing light blue underwear and the other pink, i tell her to get on her knees, she crying and her friend is still and covering herself with her hands.

on her knees i walk over to her mouth and tell her in an aggressive tone open your mouth and as she does I put my **** into her mouth. he mouth isnt big enough for it but it doesnt stop me and i proceed to **** her mouth, each and every push into her mouth makes her gag and splutter.her friends trys to cover her ears and look away but I tell her to watch. throughout this fantasy shes trying to pull back and breath but I dont let her i **** her mouth hard pushing it in slow then fast until I unload it down her throat holding her head with both hands and forcing my **** down her throat even more.

Thats pretty much when I *** :P

part 2 later
simplelife1234 simplelife1234
31-35, M
Jan 15, 2013