A Man I Love Isn't Interresed In Sex!

What is sad is I love my husband of 21 yrs. and I still want to have sex with him only but he seems to me not interrested in having sex any more! This makes me sad and depressed and all alone! Two and1/2 years ago i had a real bad accident and almost died in the wreak! I know he loves me but he just seems like he doesn't care about that part of our marriage! Now I know why marriages don't make it knowmore and why so many people have affairs on there mates! Cause one still once to have sex and the other doesn't care! Help me to understand how this could happen to a good marriage and what can I do to make thing different!

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Get into counseling. Go alone if your husband won't join you.

Get into cuckolding. You need it.

The question is "why?". Why the change from common relationship marriage to the way it is now? Does he see you as "fragile"? Does he see you as "too-busy/rejecting of him?" What else changed near the time of the accident?