Dude With Size 16 1/2 (17!) Mens Feet.

Yup. They are huge, they are very long, I have monkey toes that are super long, and I have a low arch. Everything you can imagine about a giant foot size, I have it.

I can share many stories, all you need to do is ask. Anyone is welcome to ask me. I'll respond as soon as I can.

Bottom line: I can't go to stores and find shoes. People don't realize what that means... It means no designer shoes, it means no quick run to a store to fix a quick want or desire, it means you can't TRY SHOES ON to see how they feel, it means looking around for days or weeks to find something that you have to live with and may not even like. It means getting gawked at malls and in the street. It means taking people's shoes off when you and your huge feet get too close! :)

And having a problem with the pedals in small japanese cars LOL.

Those are the bad things. For the most part you get used to the giant sized feet. But when you hang out wit friends you realize how tiny ''normal'' feet are. On the rare situation I see someone with size 14 feet or even maybe a 15, I notice how big the shoes are and realize how I must look to others!! Anyway... that's all I can think of now!
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I'm a single guy and I adore giant dudes with enormous feet.

I know what you mean, I can were size 15 or 16, and I can easily put my friend's tennis shoe (female) right inside my tennis shoe!

I wear a mix of size 16 and 17 and am 6'4". I have been asked about feet and shoe sizes a lot. I totally understand having to buy shoes online and not knowing what you are getting.

I know, I can't ever put my big foot inside a shoe to see how it feels when walked. I have to "find out" after purchase and I hate it because then what happens if you don't like it at all? At least you are 6'4'', imagine at my height having feet as big as ours... :o

I would love to meet you man! Several times in my life I've had a Japanese massage, where the massuer uses his feet instead of his hands to give a full body massage. Your size 16 1/2's would be great for this purpose. And I could teach you the technique.

I am 14 and where size 17 and I am only 6 feet tall hopefully I hit a groth sperg soon ?? I know how you feel

Hey I hope you grow taller too. wow our feet are the same size that's awesome, HUGE hahha.

I know. Having big feet is really messed up. The feet tend to be really ugly with hammer toes, bunions, and all sorts of deformities sticking out.<br />
Unfortunately, from my experience the myth about large feet isNOT NOT true.. The only thing is that your feet are turning the corner before you do !!!!<br />
good luck in your shoe search

hello,<br />
this could have been me to write this. <br />
me too I'm only 6foot1 but wear a size 17-18 in shoes (sometimes even 19s in adidas). <br />
so everything you write about, I've already experienced<br />
<br />
especiallw the thing when you see someone with big feet (let's say size 15) and notice how big they look, and then you realize that you are actually a few inches shorter but your feet a even longer for 2-3 sizes (WEIRD)<br />
<br />
another weird experience I had, once I almost got thrown out of a special big size shoe store "Sorry we only sell big shoes for tall men". In they end they almost had nothing big enough for me

Are your feet wide?

Damn bro, my feet are size 14's, and I though my feet were big!<br />
I like having 14's though, because even though the stereotype is not necessarily true, the ladies always notice my feet. Also, I've kicked dudes during some minor fights, and they do an awesome job kicking!! As for finding shoes, dudes' feet are a lot bigger these days, so finding huge shoes isn't that difficult. Just search online or go to ebay.