My ex boyfriend weighed more than I did and he wanted a piggy back ride. He had a past of being mean to me so I said yes. When he jumped up on my shoulder he put all his weight on one shoulder..and it popped out of place! I was extremely scared that my parents would be mad so I popped it back in. I think I popped it in wrong because it's several months later and it still pops, grinds, squeaks, hurts, and occasionally locks. My upper arm's muscle also occur ally twitches for quite sometime. Now that we are no longer together and I have to deal with the pain I realize how stupid that was and I regret it almost every minute.
MacKenziePatriciaLee MacKenziePatriciaLee
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

go to the er now

Yes go get it checked out by the doctor it's not good it's doing that you really need someone to look at it

it sounds like you dislocated your shoulder and you need to go to the doctors and get it checked out now. like right now.