She Is Amazing

My sister and I are 2yrs apart I think we are pretty close now more then ever. My sister has lupus she was diagnosed when she was pregnant with her 1st child I must say it was pretty devastating I believe she has SLE the one that messes with you kidneys, brain ect at times she in such pain that it hurts me to see her like that then shes been taking medication but to those meds theres always side effects  but shes been pretty amazing she has 2kids now and she takes care of them, her children have become her world I love my sister to death  I worry about her so much I mean shes my big sister what would I do without her

we live in 2 different states and at times I feel really bad cause Im not there when she needs me ( I dont tell her that I dont want her to feel bad) I can say I know my sister pretty well more like the back of my hand I know what she will do before she does it we've had our moments but what siblings dont  but she knows that I love her  and Id give  anything that I have 2 of if that ment she would be ok and healthy

I think my sister is so strong and amazing.

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thanks appreciate it

OMG! MY MOTHER has Lupus! It is SLE when it attack the major organs including the brain....My mother was Diagnosed back in 1991, but suffered with it way before that......<br />
WOW! You need to know anything about Lupus let me know!