I My Sister Saw My ****.

(written from my brother). Back when I was 14 and my sister was 14 aswell, we were twins, meaning we were very close. But we were not close enough to just show each other or tell each other anything. Just like good friends. One day when I was at a hotel with my 2 sisters and one of my sisters friends (my twins friend) everybody went swimming execpt me, my sister and her friend. So I was taking a shower and I heard giggling so I looked over toward the door and I saw them staring at me. So far all the could see was my back side, until I turned around. I wasnt erect so I turned back around fast. After about 3 min after I locked the door, I started jacking off. Now my sister had known how big my penis was, cuz I told her friend and she told her. It is 7 1/2 long and about as big as an axe body spray can. So at this time I had a pretty large penis. So when I was fully erect, I heard the door knock sorts looked over nothing. Then it happend again. But this time I ignored it. When I heard a sort of stepping I looked over, and sure enough it was my sister and her really hot friend. My sister and her friend just stared, and I was a little shocked so I hadnt moved. We litterally stared at eachother for about 2 minutes. Then I said to my sister and her friend, "have you had enough?". My sister looked a little scared and her friend said no! So keep in mind I had never seen real parts on a girl or vice versa. So I had a raging *****. My sisters friend said "that's bigger then I've ever seen!" which made me laugh. So my sisters friend started walking toward the shower. I was a little clueless, but then she started to undress! She undressed until she was naked then hopped in the shower with me! I was so shocked I could hardly move. Then she touched my penis. By this time I had a huge *****, bigger And harder then I've ever had. She started ******* my off right as she was kneeling down. After about 2 up and down motions, I said "crap it's coming!" but she didn't stop after about 3 more motions BOOM it flew out all over her face and in her mouth. This was the craziest moment ever! I couldn't believe it! Right as I was done she got out, dressed and went back with my sister. Now it's been about 2 weeks, my sister doesn't hang out with that girl anymore, and now we are very close. Every day at 11 we hop in my bathroom, and ********** with eachother. Since we're the same age, we're on the same level of puberty so, it's nice to see somebodys body parts my age! The first week we just mastubated the 2nd week, about half way through she gave me a ******* and I ate her, and just last night and in about 5 min. Were having sex for the second time. Dang it feels good and I love my sister now. Plus she can swallow and it's all good! Bye!
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and what about your other sister

Nice story wish I were her ;)