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Showing Sister My Penis

When I was young, like 16, I knew I liked being seen naked. I used to show my penis through my bedroom window to passing traffic. It was great. But I had a desire to show my penis to my one and only sister. We had seen each other naked when we were kids but now my penis was more developed and she had not seen it in a long time. One day it was just my sister and I at home so I went into the bedroom while she was watching tv. I took off my clothes and wrapped myself in my towel. I came into the room with her and stood in front of her and asked her, "If I show you something, would you tell anyone?". She said a couple of times, "I dunno." and then she just said." just don't." I said why not and she just said again" just don't." So I sat behind her for a bit and removed my towel and exposed my erect penis. I think she knew I was naked behind her because she would not turn around. I was thinking, why doesn't she want to see my penis? She was 14 and I thought all girls her age wanted to see a guys penis. I am offering to show her my penis and she is refusing to look at it.
Well someone started opening the front door and I ran back to the bedroom before being caught. I decided that I was gonna give her a view that night. We all slept in the same room and we had bunk beds and I was on top and my sis had the bottom bunk. My brothers were away at summer camp so it was only my mom, my sis and me at home. We were watching tv and I said I was tired and was going to bed and my mom and sis continued watching tv. When I got to my bed, I took off all my clothes and had a raging hardon. After all I was 16 and the wind made my penis hard. I jumped up into bed and waited for my sis to come into the room. I was lying on my side at the edge of the bed. You would have to be blind not to see my penis. It was not long before she finally came into the room. I tried not to move though I was excited as hell. She was gonna see my penis! She came up to the bed looked for a second and when right down to her bed and made a clicking noise with her mouth to show that she was disgusted by me. I made like I was asleep because she thought I was awake waiting for her, hence the mouth click to let me know she knew what I was doing.
Well I played as if I was asleep thinking all the while ok so she doesn't want to see my penis but she did anyway so I got her back for refusing earlier that day. What I didn't expect was what happened shortly after that moment.
I guess I was convincing enough with my sleep acting because my sister bought it. She got up from her bed and stood directly in front of my penis and stared at it! It was dark and there was no light in the room but her face was inches from my penis. Still feigning sleep, I was thinking Oh so you don't want to see my penis eh? Nice act. She wanted to see my penis alright. She just didn't want me to KNOW she wanted to see it. I found that to be utterly ridiculous because if she really wanted to look at my penis, I offered it to her freely and would have done so any time she asked. So why not just admit it?
Anyways she spent a good couple of minutes just standing there in front of my penis and she went back to bed. I was thoroughly satisfied and my penis was so hard it was throbbing from all the excitement. Well lo and behold, as I was still feigning sleep, she came up for a second look. I was shocked! I didn't expect the first one and here was a second look. I guess she figured he is really asleep so I had better take advantage of this. So again she perched her face inches away from my penis and just stared again. You have to know I was in ecstasy! This is what I wanted. I was naked and my penis was hard and my sister was staring at it. It's amazing I didn't have an ****** right there and start squirting all over my sisters face.
So again I guess she had her fill and went back to bed. You have no idea how hard it was to just lie there and continue to pretend I was asleep. I just wanted to grab my penis and jerk off and squirt all over the ceiling! But I lied still. My penis was throbbing so hard it hurt! Well I could not believe it when it happened but I was rewarded a third time! Again she felt the need to take advantage of my nudity and my sleeping and perched herself again inches away from my penis. I was in heaven! I was thinking please don't touch my penis even though I wanted her to. If she did, I know I would have shot my load then and there. I am sure by that time, there was a puddle of precum on my sheets and had to be dripping from the head of my penis as she stared at it. My heart was pounding in my chest and I know my penis had to be twitching with each beat because I could feel the pounding of my heart in my penis!
This time she did something different. Instead when she was done, she didn't go back to bed. She went to my mothers room. Now my mind was racing, what is she doing? Is she telling my mom that I am laying here naked in my bed? I started to freak out a little when she came back into the room by herself. She was carrying something. She placed it on the table in the room, got on the floor and when she got up, she clicked it on. She went into my mothers room to get a lamp so she could see my penis better! It was alll I could do not to tremble with delight. I was sure my penis was going to explode this time! She got her self a real good look this time from all different angles. She was even checking out the hole at the top of my penis. She wanted to make sure she saw every inch of my penis before she brought the light back. She was not wasting this opportunity.

Well I guess she took in all she could and had a memory that would last and so did I. She brought the lamp back and dropped back into bed but poor me I had a throbbing hardon that needed relieving and since my sister never got up the nerve to touch my penis, I needed to ********** in the worst way. I decided to give her one more performance. I made like I woke up, got off my bed naked and stood there for a few seconds so she could get a final look at my penis and I put on my robe and headed for the bathroom. God when I hit that ******, it shot all over! I had to spend some time cleaning up the bathroom and I was so week in the knees afterwards, I almost couldn't walk balk to my room. It was a night I will not soon forget!
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my sister did the same thing but she had the courage to touch me. she took off her panties and started to play with herself wile ******* me off. i saw my sisters ***** and then she rubbed the tip of my penis over her labia as i came

that story had me so turned on

nice story i am so hard right now

I can tell your story is genuine, because I had a similar experience with my sister. It was so exciting I think back on it often. I wish my sister had been as close to my penis as yours was to you, but she was about 10 feet away. Still, she did see my erect penis and I had definite clues that let me know she wanted to see it. Pleasure is too weak a word. Thanks for your story.