Lisa Is Such A Tease

lisa is 25 and 5ft 1 inch tall and at most weights 95 pounds or less super small girl she looks like she is about 12 years old i sware.. just go take a look at her pic its on my profile she is just a tiny thing... lisa will go out of her way to show off her body to anyone thats close by that will take a look plus most of my friends love to come here to visit just to see how long it will take lisa to expose her body in some one day she was laying at the pool and she had on a thong type of bekini so i stayed in in the house so she could have her private time but it was not long she was texting to come out to the pool to put lotion on her as if i was her personal slave finaly after she text me like 5 times                                                              

So i went out she said please put some lotion on her legs and back so i said to myself this wont take long so i put lotion on her legs and was finishing her back then i said all done then she said are you forgeting somthing i told her no....what am i forgeting now!!!! then she said to me please please please put some on my butt its not gonna hurt you and she said its all harmless                                                                                                                                                                

then i told her im all done again just to tease then her i told her im going back in the house its way too hott out here i waited to see her reaction and then lisa said PLEASE!!! come on its one minute out of your day plus you know you want too (truth is i like her to beg me)                                                                                                            

so i put some lotion on her butt and started to rub it in real good and then i felt her tiny little *** muscles tighten up then i heard her say mmmmmm please dont stop now just do it for a few minutes she kinda begged and the truth was i liked the idea that it was getting her move her *** like that.... then lisa told me to put lotion every place that needs tanned..... then just for fun i went between her legs and to my suprise lisa said dont move you hand from that spot please!!! the she opened her legs and relaxed her *** muscles so my hand could get to her *****....then lisa said to me YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO so do it now!!! i thought she was teasing me...                              

so i went for her ***** and finger ****** her good she was moaning and telling me dont stop and her little *** was was moving so fast i could hear her ***** juices making noises plus my hand was super soaked i never saw lisa in such a state something sure turned her on  .....then in a very low voice sound i heard lisa say keep that up and i will *** right in your hand then she told me she  need ****** in the worst way....OMFG i need ****** she said over and over untill i felt a flood of her juices hit my hand i knew then that Lisa had ***
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Great story!

oh that was so hot I want to see her