Night Out With My Sister

I am a 45yr old Pettit single women, I had been broke up with my feller for 2mths and still feeling sorry for myself, my sister asked me if I would go to a works party with her, as she had no one to go with, I think it was more of a plot to get me out of my house, as I live on my own in a three bed house, and she said I must be rackling about in it.
Any way after some badgering I agreed, she picked me up about 7pm, she was dressed to kill, I joked with her that she would freeze to death if she didn't put some cloths on, mind you for me I had a short skirt and top on, I didn't want to let my sister down in front of her work mates.
When we got there, she went to the bar and got us a both a drink, then we went over to a bunch of girls from the same factory she worked at, she introduced me, but I couldn't remember all there names, there was one girl in particular, that was very load and jolly, cracking joke after joke, very much the centre of attention, she put her arms around me and gave me a squeeze told me I was welcome to join them, and that my sister had told us what had happened, she told me she was going to get me fixed up tonight, omg I could have ran out of the place there and then, the last thing I wanted was anyone trying to get me fixed up, I gave my sister the dirtiest of looks, it was a sit down dinner we where having, I purposely sat at the end of the table out the way, as I didn't know many people there, but that load mouthed women that had been very much on my case dragged me up to sit next to her, and all through the dinner she was touching and putting her arms around me, and I don't think she shut Evan when she was eating, my glass was never empty as each time I got down it, she would top it up, so I guess I was getting free drinks all night lol.
At the end of the meal I got up to go to the toilet, just as I was going in guess who was behind me, I smiled, hi I said, come me duck we can share she said at the top of her voice, as I went into a cubicle she pushed me in and followed me, then suddenly she went quite, and very serious, she put her hand around my throat, and her other hand went down between my legs, choking I asked what ya doing, shut up she told me and squeezed on my throat, she pushed my pants to one side, opened my lips with her finger and thumb, then slid a finger up inside me, her hand left my neck while she ripped open my top, before I could say a word she had replaced her hand on my throat, she bent a little and grabbed a mouth full of my bra and breast, while shoving her finger deeper into me, I moaned, and she took it, that I was moaning with enjoyment, she said, ya like that don't ya, do ya want more, at the same time she shoved another finger into me, feel how wet ya getting she said, and to my amazement and shame I was, if ya say owt, I'll make sure ya sister suffers at work, she released my throat, and lifted my bra over my breast, taking my nipple in her finger and thumb she rolled it about, please stop I said, as I was getting my breath back, just then I heard someone come in to use the other cubicle, should I shout out, she told me to keep quite or my sister would loose her job, she looked me in the eye, while slowly fingering me and slowly playing with my nipple, the women next door was done, and I heard the door shut as she left the toilets, her pace quickened as she fingered me, and to my shame made me come, my knees went from under me, as she took all my weight, and she took my nipple in her teeth and lightly nibbled on it, I moaned out load, and she just stopped, kissed me on the lips, and walked out of the toilets, it was a while before I collected myself together, and I spent 10min in front of the mirror, so no one could tell I had been crying, but it was over and I was so glad, when I went back out to my sister, the girl was still there laughing and joking, like nothing had happened, I didn't say any thing to anyone, as I was frightened for my sister, and myself,
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Be my strict *****

please mam or miss

Nice story...would love to read more from you....

Would love to tell you more, like what happened when I went home from the party

Would love to tell more, as more happened on the same night, but no one would believe it lol

Thanks for caring, there isn't enough people that actually really care

OMG Liz wow I feel bad because really someone took advantage of you and truth is they raped you.I think that women should be reported.She cant fire your sister or do anything to her ,if anything she would lose her job.She just uses other people to get what she wants.I feel bad about this and hope you are ok.Thank you for sharing.

There was a lot more to it, that happened later, but I don't believe, it's all ended up good in the end, but this happened a long time ago, and I've took a long time digesting it, and it has to be said it was life changing.

Well I am glad it all ended up good in the end but I felt for you reading it.At first Ithought it might be a mutual thing but when you said you cried and of course her choking you and threatening your sister t bothered me.I am glad you are fine with it today.