Two Sides to Every Story

My son has just been given a life sentance in prison witnh a recomendation that he does at least sixteen years if he shows good behaviour while doing his time, He got a life sentance for attempted murder for protecting me, I saw with my on two eyes what he done, I saw also how the victim brought him to this level of violence, I dont agree with what my son has done, and I do believe that he should be punished for his crime, but what I dont agree with is the one side of the story that was told in court which was all about the victims attack and nothing or no defence for my son.   I always believed there was two sides to every story I guess what am saying is that if the jury had of heard my sons side, then they would not of gone home and made a  desition thinking thats he nothing but a maniac, , maybe if I was called as a witness to defend my son, his sentance might of been lesser then life, I am not and will not even try to excuse what my son has done, but he has been judged wrongly and potrayed as something that hes not,My son who is twenty six has never raised his hand to mr or his four younger sisters, yes we have has some major rows and yes there were times when  he has pushed me to the limit, but no more then I have poshed him, he is a loving,caring father yo his children, and a loving step father to the children that belong to his partner, they are mixed race, but that never stopped him taken them to school each morning when really from where I come from that is not the done thing.   My daughters miss their brother so much it has changed them all in their own little way, I miss my son so much I cry a bit every day.  I am taking his two small children up to see him today, its going to be very emotional for us all, but I have to be strong and show my son that I am coping very well, although inside I feel like am dying.  I will write more when I can, but for now I cant deal with it, I miss you my beloved son and I cant wait to see you today.
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Couple of things....

in our country you would have had the chance to be a witness, the fact you weren't called must have been down your son/his lawyers

taking his mixed race kids to school is not the done thing? That is such a ******* offensive thing to say! I'm from Liverpool, Liverpool is not a racist city! I think its more a comment of your own deep seated prejudices than anything else!

I'm not sure of the law in your country / state, but why did the defense lawyer not call you as a witness ?

I'm very sorry that happened, and I wish you both the best.<br />
But please try not to pin your hopes on him being released in 16 years. Under the circumstances, that seems very unlikely. The most important thing you can do is to help your son adapt to prison life and find as much happiness and fulfillment as possible. I know prison seems like the end of the world, but it's not. Encourage him to find things to do, make friends, abide by all the rules, etc. Being unhappy or scared will only make him miserable, and may tend to attract troublemakers.

Thanks everyone, I must update my story so far. xx

I don't have any faith in our justice system - as far as I can see it just boils down to who has the best lawyer.

Im so sorry for what you and your son are going thru. Can you not appeal? Fight it? Im sorry. im sure you've tried it all. but never say never...<br />
<br />
I wish you and your son peace.

The judicial system is not about fairness. It is not even about justice. It is about money. States are paid by the federal government to house criminals. This gives states incentive to keep the prisons full. Regardless of the number who are guilty or innocent. I am sorry you are caught up in a corrupt system. My heart truly goes out to you.

I dont loose it no more, and you are right, I acted on impulse, but now I think before I act, I have learnt that one the hard way.

Thanks for that info, I will check it out, I went on a mad one the oher night, I yelled outsode my front door, screeming at all the neighbours, "Why hasnt anyone knocked on my door and asked me if my daughters or my self are fine, I have lived here for 18 yrs, how dare you call your selfs Gods witnesses " I know I am wronge for doing that, I just wanted to feel that someone was there. I feel ashamed now for doing that.

Sorry to hear about your situation, hope things work out for both you and your son. FYI there is a site for people who have loved ones in jail, it's a support and information site, it's kinds cool, here is the address: Check it out.

Well to be honest, its not his first time in, but it is his first time with a serious sentance like this one. so I soppose he already has his strenth from past days. Why, Am sure that many members out there have people they love in prison, but to admit it is very hard when you live around your neighbours, people can be so judge mental, including my self . once upon a time. just having this site to express my self and people who leave a comment makes all the difference.

That's great your son is making good use of his time, instead of indulging in vengeful thoughts, as I probably would if it was me. He sounds like a very strong person for holding up so well and keeping a clear head. =>

Thanks everyone for your comments, I went to visit him the other day, his spirits are high, hes just waiting to be moved to a different prison, the one he is in is so over crowded, when he moves he will be able to get stuck into some projects and pass some exams, the prisons out side London have nore money to spend, so he will be able to do more while doing his time, I will write soon to tell the story of what happend, I still havnt spoke about it so I guess it can only do me good. love to you all.xx

Just goes to prove the unfairness of the justice system. How many stories are there of rapists walking free? I agree, your son didn't get a fair trial at all! You'd think that the jury would stop to think, hey, is this the *whole* story? But I guess they don't...

Wow, that is really tough. I think our justice system is pathetic. I really feel for you and your family. I have a little brother who is in prison and while he's deserved much of what he's gotten, he has not always been given a fair shake. And certainly not a speedy trial. There are a lot of good people in prison who don't deserve to be there. I wish you the best and hope you can find some kind of peace within your difficult situation.