Parents With Older Children Who Have Night Terrors.


Is there anyone else out there who has a child who has night terrors? If so I would love to hear from you! My son is 9 years old and 9 weeks ago started to have night terrors again. This is nothing new to us unfortunately he's had them a few times in the past starting at the age of 2, he wont have them for months, then he'll have them for months?! :( it's extremely exhausting, frustrating, exasperating, frightening, upsetting and confusing, to mention but a few! :/ Sometimes I think I'll go crazy because I feel so fragile and like I'm walking through thick fog, life's just become a big blur and feels like I'm walking through treacle :( Yet he'll come down in the morning oblivious to the previous nights 'nightmare' for us, is bright and bubbly, which makes things worse, because you feel so terrible! You think 'how dare you be so happy and raring to go! You've kept me up half the night!' Anyway I just wanted to know how other parents cope and feel, as Dr's wont give medication because they're too young and this isn't ideal anyway. But I thought if only one person replies then that'd be better than nothing and somehow we could support and encourage each other as we are forced to take this unwanted journey. So feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me (positive ones only!) and I'll do the same, although I won't get to the laptop daily, but I'll reply as soon as I can :)

Good night wishes to all :)

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Okay, if your son's night terrors keep you up half of the night, then maybe contacting a sleep specialist would be a good idea. Night terrors rarely last more than half an hour, and the child falls into normal sleep again. And if your doctor doesn't seem to be taking this seriously, contact others.

Has the doctor told you some of the things that can trigger night terrors? Even something as simple as the child being overtired, or off schedule can trigger them. I have had significant in reducing night terrors in a child, by noticing what time they typically occur, (for him, it was 2 hours after falling asleep), so I would wake him after 90 minutes - disrupting his sleep cycle for about 5 minutes, then letting him fall asleep again.

If you son has more than one terror a night, or it lasts longer than what is considered typical....then maybe there's something more complicated going on...such as an unknown allergy, he's growing and that sets his chemical or hormonal balance awry.
I don't know.....just thoughts to give you ideas to research. I bet a google search will
help you find a parenting sight or even a support forum for people whose child suffers from night terrors.

Keep looking and asking questions, and consider checking with a sleep specialist. I sure hope you find a good source of information soon; losing so much sleep sure
does affect your quality of life. I wish you and your family the best. Wish I had better information for you.