My Son Has Asma and Adhd

hi im a mom who has a son with bad asma he'll be 5 may 6 2007 i fount out he had it adout 2 years ago he got realy sick we took him to the hospital 3 times first thay told me he had a cold then the 2nd tine thay told me he had ***** throut the 3 time thay addmetted him into the hospital for a week he had tubes up his nose and every 2 to 4 hours he had to take a breathing tremment i knew there was somthing wrong when i could get him to eat for a week he would'nt even talk all he wanted to sleep and when he was awake he would talk at all i dont know why it took the hospital so long to diagnose him now he takes cingular and a inhuler and a few other meds. if it gets to bad i have to give him a nebuliser he also suffers from ADHD i had it when i was a kid to hes extreamley hipper he takes foculin for that i. even with his med. he still is a little hipper you have to whatch him closer than you would a normel person he runs around gets into stuff more than others and acts up mor than others and dont pay attin. that much if you have a child with ADHD you know what i'm going through
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I am 49 have both go to a naturalpath.