The Eck Masters

how can somebody say rebazar tarzs is a fiction? Maybe he or she never met him. Its a pitty. He is a master of full love and power. acording to my own experience. He is just great for what he is doing every day.
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what is he doing everyday? LOL. will he pick up my kids teeth from under the pillow too.Lol

I'm not in a Mindset or do I defend any path or person. I only speak from my own personal experiences. Before, I even heard of the Path of Eckankar, I was doing Soul Traveling. I experienceed different Wisdom Temples and Eck Masters. One being Rebazar Tarz. This isn't unusual among many Eckist. Fubbi, was another I was having an inner relationship with...before knowing about Eckankar. I was talking to a friend that was not an Eckist about some of my nightly out of body experiences. I told him about these Spiritual Guides that took me to classes that were helping with a certain Spiritual Need. He asked...if I was an Eckist. I had no idea what he was talking about. He also was doing Soul Travel and experienced some of the same inner guides as I described. He had just came across Eckankar and read a book by Paul Twitchell (Eckankar The Key To The Secret Worlds). He bought me a copy and gave it to me the next day at work. That book gave me the answers to many things I was experiencing. I didn't immediately join Eckankar and was still enjoying out of body experiences and the Sound Current I could clearly hear. After seeing some of the Eck Masters on a local Eckankar Building in Las Vegas...I was totally in shock - and - a little scared at this outer reality. Again...I am not the only one that had experiences of this kind before ever hearing of Eckankar or Harold Klemp. I guess it's much like a person getting abducted by Aliens from outerspace. They can't really convince those who have not had this, they go to those who have. This is what the outer organization offered me. A place where one can go and share their own personal experiences with others who are having inner experiences of their own. It is True...I probably didn't need Eckankar as I was linked up with the Light and Sound before joining. But, Eckankar gave me an insite to what I was experiencing. Eckankar...surely isn't the only path or Harold Klemp the only Master that will fit all. But, for me and thousands of others, it is a path that leads to total Freedom where no path or Master is needed. We it, as it suported us in the earily stages of Unfoldment. We don't Judge another..we only accept our personal experiences with this Wonderful Path to Self and God Realization. If it fits...go for it. If it doesn't...God, has created a path that will.

Rebazar is an astral entity created by Paul so he would not have to give credit were credit is due(Sri Kirpal Sighn). The Mahanta stands in the way of true spiritual freedom because only one initiation is required to open the Tisril Til then one can soar to Sahasra dal Kanewal. A first step on the way to meeting Sat nam. The true Ekongkar masters are Sri Ramji(Rama) and Guru Nanak. Paul is no more a spiritual giant than his conman friend El Ron Hubbard. Both learned enough spiritual jargon to milk the gullible. Paul relies on imagination and the minds way of showing one what one wishes to see rather than actual soul travel experiences. Harji must com clean or he will have to answer to Rama and the nine silent ones.