I Lost My Heart

I was working in a gas station years ago ,a trucker came in he asked do you date strange men? How strange ? Was my reply. It was the start of a wonderful life .He had a massive heart attack and died 4yrs. ago. Everyone says i have changed ,i should get on with life,i have tried dating ,i find chamelions,psychos etc. I know i will not find my heart again till i join him in heaven. 20 yrs. 0f life with him ,my heart ,my best friend,we grew up together i am so lost.
wilter wilter
36-40, F
5 Responses Feb 12, 2007

i am sorry for your lost true love thats what you had i know true love never dies you will meet him again then you be with him for enternity i know because on march 8 2012 i lost my husband to heart attack my true love of 29 years met him at 15 married him at 18 first time i am without him i know what true love is hold on and just dream of day your in his arms again good luck

Forgive me,I'm new here.But I share a similar situation.I'm 35,and I just lost my husband in December.Its only been just over a month.We JUST celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary in Sept.08 only to have it be our first/last.We were together for 5yrs.He was only 36.He had a massive heart attack.I lost my BEST FRIEND,MY LOVE,MY EVERYTHING.I am having a hard time moving on.I cant.I'm grieving SO much.I'm lost without him.I cry everyday.I know i will get through this.But this website i think will help me.Help share and express my feelings/thoughts.

hey libertybell..im so sorry for your lost...i too just lost my hubby...from a heart attack in dec.. i have an 5 yrs old son by him..it will get better with time..we go to couseling now..so maybe u should try counseling...email when u can ..n god bless u n family

Thank you .

You will one day join him again one day. In the mean time try to enjoy what life you have left. He is waiting for you too. I love that song from josh groban -"To where you are". It is about a love that has died and that that love is always there love. It is a great song.

What a beautiful and romantic but sad story. Thats what I call the love of your life! You were blessed to have him in your life I can understand the feeling that no man can ever replace him. Know in your heart you will be together someday in the after life. God Bless and good luck.