My Asperger Phd Husband

I am an RN married to a man with a PhD in rehabilitation. He is textbook Asperger's start to finish. I love him very much but I am lonely and depressed for a very long time. My self esteem and confidence is gone after 26 years of marriage. I have tried and tried to get us some help but he is in complete denial as so many aspies are. He is completely unapproachable regarding this at this point so I will have to deal with it some other way other than together. I now know this is not an uncommon situation to be in. I want to stay with him as I love him and he is truely a treasure in so many ways. Ho[efully I can find some support online and not feel so dispairingly alone

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1 Response May 14, 2012

We all share the same basic story... lonely right next to a man that we love. I am very new to the Asperger's diagnosis, but not the feelings that go with it. I feel like a big empty shell of a person buried down a deep dark hole most of the time.... so alone in every way.<br />
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I am very afraid that this marriage will not survive because I feel like I have compromised too much, set my expectations aside, given more than what I have... I give so much to him and spend (waste) so much time trying to make it OK for us, that I have a deficit in every other relationship. All I want is to be rid of it, and yet I do love him. All I want is my old life back. I am within 5 years of being an empty-nester, and I sure do not want to spend those years feeling like this!!