Does This Sound Like Aspergers Or Just Being A Guy?

Dave is a corporate executive. A couple of Dave’s color combos last week were awful. Like bright blue large checkered shirt with a brown hounds tooth jacket & black pants. For the past two weeks the new housekeeper has been washing his clothes and trying to organize his closet again – taking shirts & pants to cleaners… so I started hanging out outfits for him to wear the next day at the back of the closet like I used to (and like my grandma did for my grandpa ) . Last night I hung an outfit and I noticed that he didn’t wear the jacket today. Tonight I had lots to choose from and put out a black jacket, light teal shirt black/teal tie & light beige pants. When Dave came up to bed he looked in the closet and said “I can dress myself!” I said that he hurt my feelings and asked why he was angry.  I turned over and stayed quiet. He asked if I was mad at him and I said yes.  I said it wasn’t nice that I’m trying to do something nice for him and he “barks” at me. He said that he didn’t need help dressing. I said that in fact last week he had a couple of outfits that really didn’t go at all & he said it was his business. I said, well I’m your wife so it’s my business too which is why I was trying to help. He said that the jacket I set out today had worn out elbows. I asked why he kept it in his closet if it was ruined and he wouldn’t wear it anymore-- why didn’t he throw it out? He got real sarcastic and said that if I was so “perfect” I should have noticed that the jacket had worn elbows. I said he was being nasty and I was going to leave the room.  (As I had told him before, when he’s mean to me, I’m going to quietly leave and count to 10 while leaving so I don’t overreact and respond meanly back.)

Typical daily interaction...but does it sound like Asperger's or as I call it as*holesbergers?
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I would look online for an Asperger's test and take it with your husband in mind, or just randomly/casually ask him the questions from the test. Or possibly he will sit down and take the online test without pitching a tantrum?? If so, that would be wonderful! Some of these tests seem like they are forever long, but it will soon become very obvious if he is AS and needs to be evaluated by a professional.<br />
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At the very least, find a list of symptoms and compare those to your daily knowledge and observation of him... I wish the best for you. {{{ hug }}}