Step Sister Dressed Me Like A Girl

When I was 13 I was at my step moms house alone where my step sister lived. My step mom and step sister are beautiful and love makeup and doing their nails. Well I wanted to look like them to see how it felt so I went to my sisters room and took a tight skirt and a tank top with a bra and underwear. It felt amazingly comfortable but I didn't feel I got the full feeling so I wore the highest heels my step mom and sister had which made it hard to walk. I felt so sexy walking around like a girl but then I wondered what makeup would feel like so I put on masscara lipstick foundation and eyeshadow which didn't make me feel different but I still felt sexy. Then I started doing my nails I started with toes and then put on fake fingernails. When I put the last fingernail on I heard the garage door so I rushed to the bathroom to take everything off but before I closed the door my step mom heard and saw my sisters skirt even though they both walked in together.I hurried to change and clean up and walked out saying hi to my step mom it felt normal.

The next week I came over to see a large box wrapped in wrapping paper that my step mom told me to open it was a bag of makeup fingernail polish and clothes. So she told me to try everything on so I did she was surprised how I looked. She told me to get the dress out of my closet and wear it so I did and when I walked to her room she did my makeup nails and hair then gave me a pair of pink heels and said we are going on a dinner date after the date my step mom and sister told me I have to wear all the girls clothes in my room when I went over there. From then on I have dressed like a girl even shave my body hair I love it.
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Thats great to hear. I was like that at 5 yrs old, my sister and mom threw all my boy clothes out and filled my drawers with all girls stuff. I hope you get to live as a girl like I did, its a great way to grow up for sure.

Are you gay

Are you gay or do you just crossdress

What a great Step Mom !!

wonderful please add me to your circle
thanks hun