The Feeling In my heart right now Its Unexpressible,

I don't know whats going to happen. where we are going to end up. But my heart is full of your thoughts which I never ever want to lose, You may be far from me but still I love you as If you're with me right now and every moment. My minds starts thinking about you from the time I wake up and you are the last person which my mind thinks about before going to bed. I may sound insane but that's true my heart and mind is all about you..

When the day passes by without talking to you I feel so blue. And nothing can help me to turn my mood on but except you. You are the one i love, you are the one i dream of and you are the one i think about all the time but nothing else. You've become such a Important person In my life where I can't take my mind of you and let go of you, If ever that day comes I don't know what its going to be like.? But I know I'll not be the same person as I am now. I don't know why but I love you so much...I try to be mad at you but I can't, I try to stay for a day with out talking to you but it doesn't happen. I feel like sharing everything with you what ever goes on or went on through out my day I feel like telling you every single thing of it. I treat you as my best friends rather more than my love. I Just can't go through a day with out your thoughts..

Sometimes I feel like you deserve someone Beautiful than me funnier than me a girl who's keeps you happy all the time which I never do. Sometimes I feel like letting you go so that you'll be happy with someone else because sometimes you make me feel like you are never happy with me..I'm scared, sacred of letting you go scared of losing you. Because you're the best thing that ever happened to me in this entire life of mine. My life isn't perfect I have lots of things to go through lots of responsibilities to take care of all this makes me feel I'm different I'm odd where no one is like me. I feel like I'm boring where you don't want to be with a boring person like me..

I don't know much about other girls, I don't know much about the out side world Because I never go out much. I don't have friends like you do to hang out, or to have fun with. I'm a loner with no friends in my life. I'm simple not like the other one's who are my age I'm not so funny and pretty like them..

I was cheated and left alone In my life where i had no one to turn to and express my feelings too, My feelings always stayed In my heart where no one knew them. I'm scared to revile myself cause you may think I'm so boring a loner and you may leave me like the others did..At some point or the other I always hated my life, I tried to kill my self but never succeeded in it. My father is the one and my family right now I'm here living for them and for you. Because I love you'll and I don't have anyone else rather than you'll in my life..My life is full of sadness where i never revile it out to you nor anyone, cause I don't want anyone to see me sad and feel pity for me. There are lots of things In my life that I'm going through right now and did before but don't know how long this will continue. All that I know Is I love you and my family which Includes you always. I may not be as you expect me but i really Love you..

I do!!!
patcy patcy
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012