My Son Asked Me To Spank Him

A few days ago my 14 yr old son came to me and asked me for a spanking. I asked him why and he said even though he had not been naughty he just wanted me to spank him. I told him I would talk to his dad and would get back to him. I told him if I do spank him I will not go easy on him. He also understood he would have to stand in the corner afterward and would be put to bed at 7.
My husband told me that sometimes if teens have not been spanked in a while they will want to be spanked. I knew this was true because when I was a teen I asked my mom to spank me. I just liked it when she had control of me. For some reason I felt very safe when my mom was pulling down my pants and panties and placing me over her knee. She did not go easy on me when I requested a spanking and  usually I regretted asking to be spanked but I felt better after she spanked me.
This morning my son again asked me if I was going to spank him and I asked him if he still wanted a spanking and he said, "yes ma'am" He said he just thought he would feel better after a spanking. I told him we would talk about when I picked him up from his friends birthday party. I picked him up at about 3:30 and on the way home he told me about how fun the party was.
When we got home I told Braden to wait for me in the dinning room. This is where our boys are spanked so I'm sure he knew what was in store for him.
After about 15 minutes I went to the dinning room to see Braden sitting quietly his eyes were welling up with tears. I said I had decided to spank him and told him to get me the paddle. He brought me the paddle from where it hangs on the wall. I proceeded to remove his pants and underpants. I paced him over my knee and told him to spread his legs apart. I do this to deter him from tensing his buttocks which is not allowed during a spanking. I gave him 5 quick firm swats and he began crying. I waited a few seconds and then repeated 5 more swats. He said ok mom I think I've had enough. I asked Braden if he was in charge when his spanking was finished? He whispered, "no ma'am."  I gave him a total of 30 swats and needless to say he was bawling hard by the time I stopped. He stayed over my knee for a few more minutes and then I stood him up gave him a big hug and told him I loved him very much. He was hugging me very tight and then he asked if he could sit on my lap. I held him for about 10 minutes consoling him as he softly cried with his head on my chest. I told Braden it was time for him to go to the corner. My boys usually stay in the corner for 30 min but after 20 minutes I told him he could get dressed. After he was dressed I asked him if he felt better after his spanking. He said when I told him to go to the dinning room he was regretting asking to be spanked. Braden said as soon as his bottom stopped hurting he thinks he will be glad I spanked him. After he helped me do the dinner dishes I gave Braden a nice warm bath and put him to bed at 7. We talked for a while and he said he is very excited about the Super Bowl party we are hosting tomorrow.
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i have 2 sons 12 and 14. never asked me for spanking. it was haed job for me when i need punish and spank them

So, Ms Molly, I guess, you envy Ms Lninwa? :)

You have a special loving relationship with your sons.With you still having to help one with his catheter and complications the younger feels wanting. You reassured him that his deeds mater, gave him the hugs and reassurance that he needed and then bathed and put him to bed, no worries for one who is taken care of so completely. Usually at such an age they are embarrassed about their naked bodies but they have never stopped seeing you as their mommy, hope it last forever.

A very nice story, I enjoyed it

lovely story great mum boy need spanking on bare bottom add me

A very well written story, compliments to as mom, wish I've had one like you.

Sounds like a cry for attention. Personally I never had to spank my girls all I had to do was raise my voice and they moved. Sometimes even teenagers want to be cuddled by mom and the child fears Mon will say no your too big to be on mommy's lap so they turn to discipline as a way to reach out to get what they want from his or her mom. He fears his bottom being spanked becauseof the pain involved but he will endure it to get his mom to cuddle him afterwards. I don't blame the boy or the mom sometimes as children this is the only way to get what we desire from our parents. I think you did right by giving him a good spanking your son respects and loves you and would do anything to keep that bond.


As much as I hate being spanked, one of the reasons I love the time after is because of the cuddles. So yes, this makes sense.

When I was 12 or 13 I sometimes were asking my parents for spanking. Since sometime I started to like warm feeling after spanking.

Lninwa , I am brand new here ,my name is John I wanted to ask u a few questions, well actually for your advice, is this. How ? I think I sent u a private message did that work ? Ty ma'am . Oh and by the way u are a terrific mom 😃

Maybe you should start giving him maintenance spankings once a week

Lucky boy!!!

You are a fantastic mother and your son is lucky to have you :)

I understand that need a bit. To be punished is to be cared about or just to relieve guilt in ones self. To be submissive and not responsible, letting some one take control when you feal out of control. Was it his bath time or that is standard after a spanking and early to bed? Very humbling or comforting to have mom bathing him. I was shy in front of everyone in my family seeing me nude except my mom and my older sister (14 years older) who bathed me until I was 7 1/2.

It may be time to invest in a leather strap.

Wish my mom was more like you when I was 12 I set my bedroom on fire playing with wd40 and a match they never found out about it but when I was 16 I told my mom and asked to be punished and she said it was a long time ago and I was to old for a spanking I think she was wrong about that and I feel I still need that spank I have never been spanked but think it will do me some good

As effective as this is I must condemn any violence especially to children by parents

I know the feeling. I did the same thing at 18, and yes, mom spanked. I had done something while she was out of town that while my dad let me, it was not something she approved of and I knew it. I told her it would ease the guilt if she spanked so when we got home (we were in car on the way back going somewhere when I told her this) I went to my room and she came in with the paddle, asked me did I really feel like I deserved this spanking, which I responded by teasing mom that I guess she had really spanked a good conscience into me! She responded by laughing a little and told me to bend over my bed, then gave me 3 swats over my shorts, which caused me to cry a little, then she put down the paddle and gave me a hug, which she always did after a spanking, asked if I was OK, which I was, and then got the paddle and left the room

That was really nice of her. I am glad you had such a good relationship with your mother that you felt that comfortable asking her for a spanking.

I was never spanked by mother as a child- however once at the age of about 17- I did ask her for a spanking- a bit of an odd storey- I posted it on this website a while- she did never did spank me in the end

How would you ask a parent to spank you? Cause I want to I just don't want her to think I'm weird or something

You could have let stay butt named until after dinner so he cool his butt.

It's interesting how he asked for a spanking. I know from my own experience that I often felt better after Mom had spanked me in regards to the fact that the air was clean, no remaining guilt/fear hanging over my head from undiscovered or yet to be dealt with issues or transgressions!

That said, the embarrassment and soreness that came with a bare bottom spanking and cornertime always guaranteed that I never brought myself to ask for it lol!

well done

I find this extremely weird. I spank my children and they all hate being spanked. None of them would ever dare to ask to be spanked. My step daughter is on here as Lexikay99 and I'm sure if you asked her she would never want to be spanked

A lucky boy to have a mom who loves him that way.

good you set your boys emotions on the right track,
sometimes a spanking is the only way to fix pent up emotions and during the teen years they are at their worst

Thank you for the wonderful story. It is not only teens but adults that sometimes need to be taken in hand, their bottom bared, soundly spanked until they are kicking their legs and crying real tears. It is a relief to have someone else in complete control and to discipline them. I know because I am the fatherly disciplinarian to a couple of women who need a good spanking from time to time. After their spanking and discipline, I hug an console them and they sit in my lap and cry on my shoulder, but always thank me for taking care of them.

I also know how important it is, because from time to time, I need a "mommy" like you to do to me exactly what you did for your son, only many more than 30 with a paddle or hairbrush. It is very difficult to find an "aunt" or "mommy" and it often to too many months between my spankings.

I am a trim and very athletic 6 ft gentleman who manages a non-profit and of course keeps this interest very discreet, living and working in the Houston-Galveston area.

Did you enjoy spanking Branden?

I never bad to ask for a spanking but got enough throughout my childhood and teens. I was into spanking and spanked many a bottom in play and enjoyed every experience to them max!
I cannot understand the dinning room as a spanking unless it is more closed off from the rest of the house. A spanking is a private affair and should be done away from the rest of the family. Even in our games the spankings were away from the group. Even though it was within view of the rest of the group, it was only play and pretending to be in a separate room was part of the fun.
I prefered to play privately without playing out a scenerio in a game but just having the warm sensation of having someone over my knee for an extended period of time.
In private, I also had more freedom to bare bottoms than I had when playing in a group. This freedom was very limited in a group due to the fear of being tattled on or that the "naughty" might be embarrased to be bared in front of others.
Do you have a good story about spankings your daughter received by either you or your husband?

I am pleasantly surprised with your stories, my sister has a teen age son and lately has behaved very badly and despite all the consultations with psychologists and other things, their behavior continues to be bad, so that you narrates and I also read elsewhere, the spanking punishment, being in the corner and naked gives good results with problematic boys and could be a good solution.
My sister has never punished his son with blows, if it does at this age, 14, may be successful or this punishment must start at a younger age.

Apparently as i could read, you taught to other person with this punishment so his advice for his expertise will be welcome, thanks.

Ms Lninwa really appreciate you answer my question, thanks.

14 is a little old to start spanking but if nothing else is working she should try spanking.

Thanks, I appreciate your response, really the boy is 13 years old, I made a mistake when typing in the above query, I see that age could be a problem, but even she never hit my nephew Andres and as she is divorced and the father of the boys did not have any interest in raising them, I help she as I can, the problem is that the boy bothers her two sisters, one older by two years and one child in three years and also in the school is very fighter and usual punishments are no longer, so to read about the topic of spanking I thought it might be a solution, as I see that the problematic guys get more submissive, I see you had good results with your children, I consult if the effect is the same if done with underpants or be bare ***.

I feel all spankings should be bare bottom because you can see the bottom redden but not become bruised. I know some child are bruised when spanked but I don't agree and feel this is abuse when bruising during a spanking

it is nice to see the shades change from pink through to deep red

I agree I tell parents who ask about spanking bare bottom is the safest way to spank a child. Idk if you agree but I believe a child should not be spanked until close to 5

5 is a good age to start discipline, it should be firm and fair and always appropriate to what they have done wrong. I agree with your husband that very serious issues need to be addressed with the belt and hard

I agree our boys had the belt for the first time at 16. From 5-9 I spanked with my hand. At 10 I started using my paddle

I think the age for the belt is dictated by the action, things like theft should be dealt with severely irregardless of age and both boys and girls

Yes dad doesn't only spank with the
belt he uses his hand or paddle

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I think this request is probably a function of 2 independent factors: 1. Corporal punishment is relatively quick. You get it over with and are able to get back to a normal relationship almost immediately. It is effective. Properly administered it is sufficiently painful to incentivize good behavior. 2. Some find receipt of a spanking sexually stimulating. While the spanking is still painful, you are more inclined to take your punishment because there is this side benefit.
I was like that. I didn't want one, but it was better than loss of privileges and there was the climax that followed the ordeal.

Thank you for your answer, but what should be the proper punishment in relation to how hard should spanking, be till the boy cry of pain, his *** being too red, I've read somewhere that some end with his bottom with bruises and blisters, I think that would be much or maybe not, as there is no experience in this type of punishment, the level of pain i don't know.

Now that the sexual stimulus, this could not be a reason to perhaps find more punishment for the stimulation and maybe the punishment becomes a source of pleasure for the boy.

Wow! This reminds me of the relationship i have with my nephew as related in my story "Mentoring my Nephew" You did exactly as I would have done to meet his needs. Great Mom! Your welcome to check out my story about mentoring my nephew and how it all evolved. We, too, have an awesome relationship.

That is an amazing story to me because I never felt comfortable enough with my parents to ask for a spanking. Even though I thought about I many times! I think that means you have done an exceptional job as a parent.

I fully agree. Well said.

anyway thank u mom

are realy strict mom? do u

Thanks for sharing! Yes at times Teens do need a spanking and I agree with you for giving him one when he asked for it ! He obviously had done something that He felt guilty about and needed that disciplining!

Did your son ask you for a spank?

thank u

Thanks for sharing.

Thinking back to when I was 14, I can only wish that I had the kind of relationship where I could have asked for the spanking I knew I needed. And moreover, that I could have received it properly.

Asked-for or not, I agree with the others here that the spanking needs to be real punishment, and maintained that you are still in charge. If I'd ever had the nerve to ask my mom for a spanking, I know it wouldn't have been right unless it was just like you did it.

What would you have done if your son had a friend his age and his parents never spanked him -- but he knew you still gave spankings -- and he came to you privately and asked for a spanking? Would you do it?

I can think back to when I was 14 and wish I had known you as a friend's mom or neighbor. If I asked you for a spanking, for the same reasons your son did, would you have taken down my underwear, put me over your knee and paddled me until I was crying hard?

I watched my best friend get spanked several times growing up. I used to fantasize about his mother spanking me, but I never had the nerve to approach her.

yes I would pull down your underpants and put you over my knee for a good spanking

Thanks for responding. It's a shame I didn't really know you when I was 14.

I can only imagine how nervous I would have been to ask. And I certainly would have been too embarrassed to ask about any specifics.

Once I had asked, and you agreed to do it, how would the procedure go? Would you still use the paddle? Would I have to stand there while you pulled my underpants down? Would you give me the full 30 spanks even if I didn't try to say to stop after 10?

Thank you. :)

i love the way you treat your son

do you also jerk boys to get it hard if not by spanking

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You are a very good mom. It takes a very good relationship for your son to feel comfortable enough to ask you for a spanking.

Ms. Lninwa, I admire the way you deal with your sons and can witness that we, boys, guys and sometimes even adult men, need this maternal spnakings very much. It's so wonderful that you were able to put this simple idea -- "ask your mon if you feel you need it!" -- into your sons' minds. I envy your sons absolutely sincerey! I lacked this in my childhood and I'm so happy that now my Mistress whips me every weekend -- it helps me to behave properly. Maybe to make your sons' lives some eaesier, you can install maintenance spankings for them on every weekend, too? My Mistress tells me that it's much better to spank in advance to prevent a wrongdoing of mine at all than to deal with it later.

This is wrong

So did you **** him nicely, too?
In connection with your other stories I see you are a hot and horny spanking mom..and love to do your boys, right?

was i the only one who thought this was really weird?

Broadly similar to my own experience - I caned my own boys. After divorce the boys stayed with me. I remarried and my step sons asked to be spanked then caned by me as they saw thier brothers get punished. For them it was better than the baby smacks or treats with held discipline thier Mum dished out.

Sense his asking have you had to give him a spanking that you decided he needed for doing wrong. That he didn't agree to but you gave him any way? If so was it a worse spanking?

Yes Codrin, absolutely true!

Yes, Braden said the truth: the teenagers feel many times the need to be disciplined. I always felt frustrated because I had not a father to punish me properly. And, being 17 y.o., I even thanked my mother after she punished me. I felt better, despite of the pain, because due to the spanking gotten, I had paid for my faults.

I'm glad to have you write your feelings

It does my heart good that my boys accept their spankings and know I don't spank them unless it is needed

Braden still requests to be spanked and he has recently asked grandma to spank him

It took a lot of nerve for him to ask you. I can only imagine what it took for him to ask your mother. So what happened? How did your mother respond to Braden?

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I am still spanked by both my wife and mother-in-law at age 56.

oh no you are old now. does your mother in law enjoy spanking you ??

Thanks for sharing that. I've not heard of a teenager asking for a spanking before ... certainly mine never have .... but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen! Given that he had asked for it was 30 not a little too much?

I didn't spank him very hard just enough to get him crying good. If I would have gone easy on him then he would have felt short changed. He thanked me and has since asked me to be spanked several times. I asked him if he wants a lighter spanking and one time he said he wanted a harder longer spanking so I gave him the harder longer spanking he asked for and it was when one of the neighbors was visiting with her son. We were talking about correcting her son and she wanted some advice and shown how to spank her son. After I spanked Braden she told her son it was time for his spanking he cooperated as she bared his bottom and spanked him with first her hand and then the paddle. He was crying and saying mommy I'm sooooooo soooooorry. He is 13

I remember my mom giving me the hairbrush at age 13 (her idea, NOT mine) and I was yelling and crying and saying I was sorry. That did not stop the spanking. She spanked on and on until she thought I had learned my lesson.

why did mom spank you?

I will answer your question via private message so as not to detract from the subject of this thread.

Xj, I do understand your comment. Sorry to hear.

after you spanke braden . did his dad ever give braden a good hard belt spanking ? when he is bad or do you give out all the spankings

I do more of the spanking here because I work part time and my husband travels some for work. My husband has spanked opur older son with the belt twice. the first time was last spring when Jeff repeatedly skipped class. The second time was the first week of school for cussing in class. Braden has not yet earned a belt spanking from dad but he is very worried about it because dad told him he will most likely get it soon.

how longer and harder was his spanking you gave bradon the first time was 30 . did you hand spank bradon befor using the paddle. good job with your boys.

As I read, the usual punishment is hard enough, 30 or 40 lashes as punishment, how delay that amount of lashes.

His son asked you for a harder and longer punishment spankings, how much lashes and how much time implied the increase in the punishment , time in the corner was the same as usual.

from that time the punishment continued stronger and more long

I see that this punishment is more apply by you, sometimes her husband, your son asked his father to punish him stronger and longer too, or just you.

very embarrising for these boys. did they get hard infront both women??

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This appears very typical for a teenager to ask for a spanking.

I had one experience. Like yours.

Lets chat.


Was the spanking done bare bottom?

How old are you? And what did you tell her when she asked why? Plus, you want to ask her more than once. If she gets mad at you for constantly asking, she might just give you that spanking.

message me and we can talk

Good for you!! He is lucky to have you for a mom........
Has he asked again?

Good for you. You are in charge, even if he asks you to spank him, you decide the number of strokes, and how hard they should be.

He is very lucky to have you as a mother..

I think this is a very nice experience. I can also relate to it. I was subject to spankings growing up myself, but they stopped around age 12.

When I was about 14 or 15, I found out some of my friends were still spanked. I began to wonder about this and wished that I still got spankings.

I thought about asking my parents, but was very nervous. Finally one day I said something to my mom and she just said that I could be spanked if I needed it. I didn't say anything but a few days later I came to my mom after school and said I wanted to be spanked.

She sent me to my room and came in a few minutes later. She brought her hairbrush and used it give me a hard spanking on my bare butt.

I was spanked a few more times till I left home at age 18--about half were at my request.

it sounds like you mom realized she should continue to use spanking because it worked well for you. I really think it is a good idea if a parent feels spanking should stop they should have a dialogue with the child to see if it is in their best interest. My boys would not like it if we suddenly stopped spanking them and started grounding instead.

I cannot agree more, if a sound spanking still works best; I wouldn't stop spanking either.


I don\'t know what to think about this. My mom does the same thing and I hate it! She spanks me over her knee almost every night and spanks me with my legs in the air every morning. It stinks and hurts and I don\'t think I\'d ever ask for it...

Why do you get spanked so often? Does she spank you in the diaper position and diaper you every morning ?

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He is not the only son or daughter whose ask for an old traditional spanking. I am, glad that his bare bottom was spank so well. 100% Good job mom.

I agree, Cindy.

u r a very loving and tender mom.

my suggestion, since he asked to be spanked, maybe u could have gone easy on him so he wouldn't be scared to ask again to be spanked. u could have given him 12 at the dinning room, same after dinner while u were washing the dishes, and another 12 while u u were bathing him, or maybe a bedtime final spank.

We are thinking of starting to give bedtime reminder spankings by the other parent when they get in trouble for the same thing repeatedly.

A bedtime reminder spanking works wonders. Have your son walk bare bottom into his bedroom. My suggestion.


I don't think Braden wanted me to go easy on him. I certainly did not give him a really bad spanking it was just a normal spanking. When Braden comes to me to tell me something he has done wrong I someimes give him a light spanking because I want him to continue coming to me with the truth. Other times I don't spank him and we just talk about how he can improve his behavior.

i thought he started to have a passion for being spanked.

i don't recall getting bedtime spankings, usually i got wake up spankings when i open my eyes but too lazy to leave the bed.

I hope you don\'t go soft on him. He can put it in system to \"confess\" to you and hope to get a light spanking, trying to avoid the more deserved strict spanking that you ordinarily give him!

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so did he have nothing on underneath other then white socks?

He had his shirt and socks but no underpants

An OTK spanking with shirt and socks on ? now thats embarrassing.

My Mistress usually orders me to undress completely before whipping me. But if she has no time, she simply orders me to lower my trousers and boxers down to my knees and to go down to the floor onto my fours -- or, better to say, knees and elbows. Then she takes a piece of computer network cable and a belt (sometimes a heavy paddle, too) to teach me how I must behave.

I wonder how it has gone since. It would be interesting to know.

I remember occasions wanting the same thing but didn't ask. I do appreciate what the thinking may be. He may have bee spanked infrequently but has always known that when he steps out of line significantly he would indeed be spanked, so he has a sense of security about it. Getting older he may well be wondering if he will be considered too old for that and so the fact that you ARE prepared to take the trouble to spank him harshly but lovingly may be giving him a sense of security.

It seems to have been a very positive thing all round. Perhaps you could assure him that he can always ask for a spanking and not to worry you would find it awkward. Looks like he knows the post spanking cuddle is the most important part.

That is my take on it.

daltonist, I appreciate your contribution.

daltonist thank you for your comment and contribution. I have talked to Braden that he can ask for a spanking if he feels he needs one. He did ask for another spanking shortly after the first time. Over the last month or so he he has not needed to ask me to spank him because he has managed to get several punishment spankings.

That is interesting too. It could well be that the fact that he is getting punishment spankings makes him feel secure in knowing you are not going to let him get out of control. I know some people just say point black that such punishment is wrong these days but it seems to me that for some people it is right and for others not. Clearly it is right for all concerned in your situation, so well done you.

Your son is lucky and you are a very nice mother. I did not have a good enough relationship with my parents to ask for a spanking. In our house dad was the spanker. He would take me to the laundry room, then came a very short lecture, then off came the belt. I would have loved to be placed over the knee in the dining room, but he preferred standing up over my pants in the laundry room. Don't worry! He did a very through job though. The first time I asked for a spanking was from a girlfriend in my 20's. I finally got my fantasy. A bare bottomed spanking over her knee with a hair brush. It was not near long enough or hard enough, but over time we got that straightened out. Lol

No disrespect ma'am but I think it's very very very wrong to even lay a hand on your kid... Especially because where I'm from its illegal to hit your kids.. And on the @$$ to... Sexual abuse by your parents..... I wouldn't feel safe, loved, had a good childhood, anything. I'd rather run away or kill myself

No aspect of the parent/child relationship is even remotely sexual. As a marital and family counsellor with over 30 years experience I can tell you that spanking, properly used, is one of the most effective disciplinary methods in the parenting toolbox. This mother is doing just fine.

I agree 100% with your comment.
Properly used means according to my viewpoint is, that it must be given with love and not carry on till the point of abuse.

Kitty, those laws where made by Humanists who does not have the interests of our children on their heart. They are only interested in bringing up children that do not have respect for the things and people who earned it, eg. the Bible, most teachers and parents, and the most imported of them all, the Lord Almighty.

@Kittylovesrainbows, I'm right there with you. This behavior doesn't seem healthy. And to the family counselor, I don't accept you as an authority on the subject. You don't necessarily know the consequences on mental health down the line for every individual. Just because you have talked with families for 30 years doesn't mean you know something even psychologists don't.

I've made my education, my career and my life's passion helping families, and I'll put my knowledge and expertise on this subject up against anyone.

@JamieW, I think what you do is great, and I'm certain that you have helped many families and many individuals as well, so thank you for that! I have dedicated my education and career to science, and spanking is an issue in science of which both current and future effects on mental health, no matter how minor or major, are very poorly understood. To encourage spanking as a healthy parenting method of punishment is unfounded and risky.

spanking out of love is not abuse.

That's like me hitting u across the face and saying "it was out of love"

hitting on the face is not acceptable at all times, it doesn't just cause pain, it also break someones pride.

spanking out of love requires a lot of talks and trust between the 2, and u can ask a friend to spank u if u felt like needed one. it doesn't have to be the one with more power and control to spank the other. parents can ask their kids to spank them except their pride prevents tem.

Trust?! Yea, in a fuc ked way. Your touching there butt which you should be teaching them that people can't touch there. That's YOUR private area. Words work just the same!! Except less pain, tears.

Every child is born with a blank slate, if you are spanking them it is because you haven't brought them up in a way where you can have a mature conversation. From what I just read, this sort of spanking almost sounds like BDSM relationship! Be careful where you draw the line

As a matter of fact I am a parent of now adult children, as well as a marital and family counselor.

-.- whatever. Keep torturing your kids and see how that goes for you

They are adults now, having been spanked but not tortured, and we are a very close family.

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you awesome

did you get spanked by any of your parents?

My mother whom is a very strict woman has tore me up before even as a grown adult. Not that I asked her to. I received a speeding ticket in her car when I went home to visit about a year ago, I flew in and instead of renting a car she said I should just use hers. That same day i flew in on a four day visit I took her car and was going to the store and received a speeding ticket. I knew she was going to be upset and I knew I could have not told her and paid it with my credit card when I got back home. But I didn't want to lie and so I desides that I will tell her and that was that.... So I thought. I came in to the house and said mom I'm sorry but I got a ticket, I have no probblem paying it so don't worry I will take care if it. Well she was more worried about me not being safe while driving and asked what she should do to get her point across...... I said I was sorry and that I will pay much closer attention from now on. She informed me that she didn't feel conformable just letting this go, she was again very concerned with my unsafe act. So a few minutes later she finds me and we begin to discuss again what should occur to get her point across... That's when I said, not that I needed one, but I could very eisaly justify on why I should get a spanking. She stopped the conversation and said are you sure? Do you think that truthfully? I replied yes ma'am I kinda do. She said to me that she totally agree and for me to gointo her room and wait for me. I did as she asked and when she came in there she had a hairbrush and told me very sternly to remove my clothes and for me not to say anything. I reluctantly did as she asked and she told me, Michael bend over the bed and grab the pillow, place my face In it. So I did and she told me do not move or it will be much worse. She then asked if I was ready, and when I said yes ma'am, she began to spank my ***, and I thought I was going to die. I tried very hard not to move but its impossible not to, she spanked me until I was in full tears and sobbing. My back side was red and blistered she made me stand up and with no clothes on, tell her that I would not do this again... She later hugged me and said that she loved me and that she only did this so I will remember......... From that day on, I drive like a grampa in the slow lane....

Spanking was basically the only punishment my parents used, and they used it pretty often. Even so, there were still times when I just felt I had gone too long without. Unfortunately I never felt I could ask either of my parents for a spanking when they didn't feel I deserved one, so I usually ended up being bad on purpose (usually just smart-mouthed) so I'd get the spanking I needed. I'm glad your son is comfortable asking you.

Such a wonderful, understanding, and nurturing mom you are! The world needs more like you. :) I think this topic occurs more often than people would think. I too asked my mom once and she did. I find spanking to be a very stress relieving and cathartic experience. I equate it to a hard, deep tissue massage. I was very fortunate a while ago to have met and befreiended a wonderful woman who understands this need. After we got to know each other well, I asked her to be a step mom to me and she agreed. Though I had to move away and miss her, for a while she helped me overcome some vices and bad habits. It was nice to have someone to lovingly hold me accountable. It is such a warm and wondeful feeling afterwards.

I know exactly what you're referring to ~ very stress relieving!
I love the words "deep tissue massage".

When I was young I would get my *** spanked daily by my mom, not hard but enough to get a red butt. If mom forget or was busy I always would remind her. Most of the times I got spanked in the kitchen while she is preparing a meal, and I would have my lunch or dinner butt naked even if we have friends invited over.

feddooo how old were you when mom spanked you every day? why did she spank you every day?

I was getting spanked everyday since I was 10yrs. Mom spank me because she believed this was important to free me from any mistakes, to help me stay alerted, and because she liked spanking me. I can't deny I liked getting spanked too.

<p>I have also asked my mom to spank me. I was 17 years old then. I had found out, that there was an odd need inside me to be spanked or to submit in a way. Unfortunately, mom didn't buy the idea. It made her quite embarrassed because she hadn't encountered this kind of plea before. I can understand that she had just one possible meaning for the spanking and that was not such that your own child, nearly grown-up, is asking for it himself. We didn't return to the theme any more but the episode didn't harm our relationship, however. It took me 8 years more, until I made a contact with a pro and finally got the first spanking after my childhood.</P>

I agree with you. If more parents would say yes you would never have had to find a pro. You are a lot safer with your mother who loves and cares about you. I congrate you on having the nerve to ask at 17. I wish she would have spanked you.

Not too many kids would ask there mom to spank them, but he obiviously needed to be spanked n u spanked him as a loving mom would great story ty :)

I think that was brave of your son to do but it speaks volumes about the trust and love that is in your relationship. I'm sure he did ultimately feel better for having done that and good for you in persevering to give him a full spanking. I'm sure it would have been easy to stop when he wanted but that would probably have been too soon for his real benefit.

I agree with your first sentence, however in relation to your suggestion "...good for you in persevering to give him a full spanking. I'm sure it would have been easy to stop when he wanted but that would probably have been too soon for his real benefit." As for this proposition, I personally quite doubt this... What additional benefit, might he potentially have attained? Might you really believe that some additional, further-unnecessary discomfort might actually provide for any meaningful degree of additional benefit? If so, would you mind please explaining how, and why exactly?

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. I felt a full normal but not a bad spanking was what Braden needed to relieve him of his bad feelings.

I agree with you that there is room to doubt that there was additional benefit but perhaps there was. Here is what I suggest. A child, that has been raised in a family that chooses to use spanking as punishment, has a certain sense - you might even say, expectation - as to what constitutes a spanking experience. That expectation is, I imagine, shaped by their particular family and broader culture with regard to spanking. So Braden asked his mother for a spanking, knowing full well what that experiences entails. Further his mother was clear, according to her own account, that if he did get his request that it would be consistent with what he has come to expect of spanking. She clarified that she would not go easy on him and gave him time to reconsider his request. When she did administer the spanking she gave him the experience that he was both expecting and which she had promised him. Most kids in the middle of a spanking will be inclined to think that that have been spanked sufficiently and be very ready for it to end and that is how Braden responded. I'm imagine that Lninwa wanted to stop the spanking at that point as well but knew that it would not be the kind of experience that Braden was, deep inside, expecting and that she had promised. I expect that at the moment, Braden would have been pleased had she stopped but I wonder if later he might have felt cheated in some way that might be difficult for him to articulate or understand. It is perhaps in that sense that there could have been benefit to him - by giving him the experience he felt he needed and was expecting even if in the heat of the moment he was having misgivings. My post was an attempt to commend Lninwa for continuing to give Braden what he expected and was promised despite his request for it to stop.

Dave, excellent comment ~ I agree wholehearted with your viewpoint!

MrDave thank you so much for taking the time to give the perfect explination of what Braden needed and will for some time as he is only 15. You were able to articulate my exact feelings. I will be referring to your post in the future. Again you have my deepest grattitude

You are most welcome. I'm pleased you felt I represented your position well.

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I have asked my mother for one before. Now she in a almost joking manner calls it a "tune up".

jeremy if its only little things or urspanked for no reson its considerd abuse and if it is still happening u should contact poliece IMMEIDEATLY!!!!!!!!!!

i was spanked a lot as a child and into my teens i was glad when it stopped but as the years went by i began to miss it and still to this day i have never understood my feelings on this

neither do I. How could you miss it?

Good and interesting story.

Have you ever made any of your sons take their pants down to their ankles, and instead of going over your lap, have them bend over and grab their ankles for a paddling? I hope you have. I hae never found a mother that has, except my step own mom. I feel she really loved me. She became my step mom when I was less than a year old, so to me, she is my mom. I have a half brother (her and dad's son) sha busted both of our bottoms that way when we needed it. She was a no nonsense mom. One time in the car, my brother and I were horsing around in the back seat and scuffling and being rowdy. We got so out of control, she almost wrecked at one point due to distraction. She pulled the car over, came over the front seat, grabbed me by the hair on top of my head, grabbed Jim the same way with her other hand, and knocked our heads together. She told us to knock it off or she was also going to blister our bottoms. When we got home, she gave us both hugs,sat us down, and explained why she did that. We understood, and never did anything like that in the car again...lesson learned.

I always have them over my knee.

I wish you were my mom. I am a girl who moved out of my parents house two years ago and I was never spanked but I feel I need it. I asked my boyfriend to do it and right now it's working but there's that female/ maternal connection I'm missing.

Yeah I can understand what you are feeling if you ever want to chat more let me know

Thanks I added you.

It is hard for me to imagine, when I was a kid, asking my mom for a spanking. She was a firm believer in sound hairbrush spankings for naughty boys and I hated it when she spanked me.

So, as hard as it is for me to imagine asking her for a spanking back then, I know there are many people who now would not be able to imagine me asking other adults for a spanking with the hairbrush, just like mom did it, now that I'm an adult. But that's how it is. And I make no excuses. :-)

Nothing like a mothers love guess he needed that spanking n msny more to come :)

he has received a punishment spanking for disrespecting a teacher. He did a similar gesture to flipping off his teacher. He was given 2 spankings for that. I spanked him on Friday and again on Saturday.

He is just thiving forattenion does he enjoy u giving him a spanking cause some boys enjoy getting a spanking there r nerve endings that excite one endorpines i believe its called

U r sure busy giving out spankings lately :)

Hello, 'CaligulaCaesar,' in case you haven't noticed, the subject in this particular instance seems to at least somewhat desire this "end" result? Now, considering this apparent "desirability factor" on the part of the subject, (if I might ask?,) what could possibly be the source of your objection? Do you really wish to place yourself between an apparently, mutually-beneficial interaction between others, in some capacity that you wish to instruct them better in relation to what they should or should not agree to do?

Considering your apparent, self-purported degree of "wisdom" 'CaligulaCaesar,' perhaps we might seek your advice also in relation to other particular matters in which neither party involved seemingly have any objection in relation to their agreed-upon activities being undertaken? Surely, 'CalugulaCaesar,' you must necessarily have some further wisdom to impart?


No child is going to be a perfect little angel, spanking or not.

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i wish you was my mum i have been trying for years to get spanked like that but all the offers are from people to far away

Yes giving brandon a firm paddling was right. If he asked for one,your love for him in giving 30 swats showed him how much you care!!

Strictdad, I like your style, thanks.
I agree with your line of thinking about why we ask woman to spank us ~ it's definitely a pride thing. Also for me, to get a spanking from a woman, it lets me experience her love more physical.

There's nothing wrong with asking for a spanking. It helps me to get rid of guilty feelings for things I did that nobody else discovered.

When my son Jacob was 15, he asked for the belt, received it, afterwards it happened on 2 week intervals(on his request) for the next 2 months, he said even though he had done nothing wrong, it just made him feel better after it stopped hurting.

Thanks for your comment, I am finding requesting a spanking is not all that unusual.
Do you think I should tell Braden I know other boys that asked to be spanked? He knows I used to ask

Did Jacob ever receive additional punishment spankings during that 2 month period?

Why not tell him, I would. Well of course he did, the spankings he received on intervals were on his request, not punishment, he received 3-4 punishment spankings during that period.One was actually for misbehaving during the spanking, so after corner time he came back over my lap for a paddle.

Thanks, I am going to tell Braden later I know of other boys who ask to be spanked. I did ask Braden if would ever ask dad for a spanking. His eyes got real big and said NO! When I asked him why he said he would only ever ask me for a spanking. I do not think it is because my husband spanks any harder than I spank

I think it may be a sort of pride thing, I mean, I was closer to my mother than my father when I was a child, so maybe it's because it would seem more normal to him?Maybe out of pride that he doesn't want his dad to see him like that?

So, have you told him, if so how was his response?

I did just tell him and he was a little surprised but he said he knows another boy who is 15 and he also asked his mom to spank him. I asked him how the subject came up. Braden said he noticed this boy in the library was having a hard time sitting still. Braden said he knows this guy and asked him if he was ok so the boy said he asked his mom to spank him. they exchanged stories

That's a interesting library conversation. Teenagers asking for spankings is actually pretty common, last night Adrian asked me for a spanking, have not decided yet.
Several other parents I know have said that their teenagers have asked for a spanking.

why are you so certain that there will be another life? You only have this life, if you screw up now. You're pathetic for eternity. But then again, thankfully there is God who grants forgiveness to people that have truly repented even at the last moment of their life.

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Do you think he will ever ask you again?

Braden has asked again this last Friday after school. I did not give him any time to think about it . I told him to get the paddle and pull the dinning room chair and place him in the middle of the room. I waited about 10 min. He had the chair out and he was standing in front of the chair and he had placed the paddle on the chair. So I spanked him exactly how i did before

How does he say when he asks you, i mean does he seem nervous? Is he able to make eye contact?

yes I think he will. I did the same thing with my mom

he does make eye contact but yes he is a little nervous when he asks. He won't ask in front of his brother. This last time he said "Mom when you have a chance can we talk please?"

He seems to have a lot of courage considering how well you pepper his bottom. He must really trust you a lot. I think its wonderful that you have established such a strong relationship. I bet any other boy would be way too nervous to ask let alone keep eye contact.

my 16 yr old son has never asked for a spanking and I do not think he ever will

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You're such a good mother. I have much admiration for you. It takes a very considerate woman to fulfill this request.

I would agree some with your sentiment here, 'CaligulaCaesar.' I personally, most definitely have no objection to such personal request being appropriately satisfied, but is there really any reason that it should need to hurt much? I, most definitely would argue no... Those fulfilling such a request, should surely be more benevolent (and also, perhaps respectful?) in their capacity of enjoying the privilege of fulfilling such a request, especially as might be made on the part of a minor.

I just wanted to say that I was reading your stories about your two sons and thought, my mom was the exact same way with me and my brother, who is two years older. We also hot spanked and then corner time, and we had a 7 00 pm bedtime if we were spanked. Sometimes my mom would also give us a bath after a spanking before getting us ready for bed. I'd love to hear more and compare notes.

Well done - and your point was made..

I agree ~ when spankings are necessary it must be done properly. I was mostly caned.
It must never be overdone. Some people abuse children ~ that will always be a NO-NO by my!!!
Spankings must be done with love ~ I also received the hugs. If I did something that was against the rules, a spanking gave me closure without feeling guilty anymore.

I never wanted my parents to spank me. This is weird. You must not hit very hard. When I got spanked it was terrifying.

Oh I do spank hard as is evident by his red bottom and his crying.

Thanks 4 the story - I can understand both comments as I've always HATED getting spanked, like Mary, but also there are times when I feel ashamed of my behavior and KNOW I deserve to be spanked to bawling.....I'd never ASK for it, like L's son, but when I'm told to take my panties down I obey.

I know how miserable it is to get a spanking but I'm glad you obey when you are told to take your panties down. By quickly pulling down your panties to receive your spanking this shows your parents that you are very responsible in understanding you need your spanking. Exactly how old are you? Are you spanked by one parent more than the other? I assume you are still spanked. How often do you get a spanking? Were you ever spanked in front of siblings friends or other relatives?

hi again Marzi, what do you do to relieve yourself of your shame about your bad behavior?

Hello 'Marzi333,' I can assure you, that if you were to select me to assist in relation to this applicable matter, I would surely be far more benevolent than your existing caretaker... You may surely trust and rely upon me, to take more interest in (simply) observing upon your being instructed to take your "panties down" and "obey," than in potentially causing much of any undue pain: This, you may necessarily be assured of, 'Marzi333.' As in prior instances however we are also able to assure you, full removal of any applicable guilt as you may potentially feel, prior to our (painlessly) resolving of such. In regard for this, 'Marzi333,' I can assure you, that you may necessarily trust me...

Hopefully 'Marzi333,' all shall necessarily remain most well with you. Please know that the prior suggestion was just that, a "suggestion" for some potential improvement in the degree of your relevant experience... That's all. Again, best of wishes, 'Marzi333.'

neither did I.

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