My Son Asked Me To Spank Him

A few days ago my 14 yr old son came to me and asked me for a spanking. I asked him why and he said even though he had not been naughty he just wanted me to spank him. I told him I would talk to his dad and would get back to him. I told him if I do spank him I will not go easy on him. He also understood he would have to stand in the corner afterward and would be put to bed at 7.
My husband told me that sometimes if teens have not been spanked in a while they will want to be spanked. I knew this was true because when I was a teen I asked my mom to spank me. I just liked it when she had control of me. For some reason I felt very safe when my mom was pulling down my pants and panties and placing me over her knee. She did not go easy on me when I requested a spanking and  usually I regretted asking to be spanked but I felt better after she spanked me.
This morning my son again asked me if I was going to spank him and I asked him if he still wanted a spanking and he said, "yes ma'am" He said he just thought he would feel better after a spanking. I told him we would talk about when I picked him up from his friends birthday party. I picked him up at about 3:30 and on the way home he told me about how fun the party was.
When we got home I told Braden to wait for me in the dinning room. This is where our boys are spanked so I'm sure he knew what was in store for him.
After about 15 minutes I went to the dinning room to see Braden sitting quietly his eyes were welling up with tears. I said I had decided to spank him and told him to get me the paddle. He brought me the paddle from where it hangs on the wall. I proceeded to remove his pants and underpants. I paced him over my knee and told him to spread his legs apart. I do this to deter him from tensing his buttocks which is not allowed during a spanking. I gave him 5 quick firm swats and he began crying. I waited a few seconds and then repeated 5 more swats. He said ok mom I think I've had enough. I asked Braden if he was in charge when his spanking was finished? He whispered, "no ma'am."  I gave him a total of 30 swats and needless to say he was bawling hard by the time I stopped. He stayed over my knee for a few more minutes and then I stood him up gave him a big hug and told him I loved him very much. He was hugging me very tight and then he asked if he could sit on my lap. I held him for about 10 minutes consoling him as he softly cried with his head on my chest. I told Braden it was time for him to go to the corner. My boys usually stay in the corner for 30 min but after 20 minutes I told him he could get dressed. After he was dressed I asked him if he felt better after his spanking. He said when I told him to go to the dinning room he was regretting asking to be spanked. Braden said as soon as his bottom stopped hurting he thinks he will be glad I spanked him. After he helped me do the dinner dishes I gave Braden a nice warm bath and put him to bed at 7. We talked for a while and he said he is very excited about the Super Bowl party we are hosting tomorrow.
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I remember feeling like that, although I never worked up the nerve to ask for a spanking. I often wish I had. Thanks for the story.

I am pleasantly surprised with your stories, my sister has a teen age son and lately has behaved very badly and despite all the consultations with psychologists and other things, their behavior continues to be bad, so that you narrates and I also read elsewhere, the spanking punishment, being in the corner and naked gives good results with problematic boys and could be a good solution.
My sister has never punished his son with blows, if it does at this age, 14, may be successful or this punishment must start at a younger age.

Apparently as i could read, you taught to other person with this punishment so his advice for his expertise will be welcome, thanks.

Ms Lninwa really appreciate you answer my question, thanks.

14 is a little old to start spanking but if nothing else is working she should try spanking.

Thanks, I appreciate your response, really the boy is 13 years old, I made a mistake when typing in the above query, I see that age could be a problem, but even she never hit my nephew Andres and as she is divorced and the father of the boys did not have any interest in raising them, I help she as I can, the problem is that the boy bothers her two sisters, one older by two years and one child in three years and also in the school is very fighter and usual punishments are no longer, so to read about the topic of spanking I thought it might be a solution, as I see that the problematic guys get more submissive, I see you had good results with your children, I consult if the effect is the same if done with underpants or be bare ***.

I think this request is probably a function of 2 independent factors: 1. Corporal punishment is relatively quick. You get it over with and are able to get back to a normal relationship almost immediately. It is effective. Properly administered it is sufficiently painful to incentivize good behavior. 2. Some find receipt of a spanking sexually stimulating. While the spanking is still painful, you are more inclined to take your punishment because there is this side benefit.
I was like that. I didn't want one, but it was better than loss of privileges and there was the climax that followed the ordeal.

Thank you for your answer, but what should be the proper punishment in relation to how hard should spanking, be till the boy cry of pain, his *** being too red, I've read somewhere that some end with his bottom with bruises and blisters, I think that would be much or maybe not, as there is no experience in this type of punishment, the level of pain i don't know.

Now that the sexual stimulus, this could not be a reason to perhaps find more punishment for the stimulation and maybe the punishment becomes a source of pleasure for the boy.

Wow! This reminds me of the relationship i have with my nephew as related in my story "Mentoring my Nephew" You did exactly as I would have done to meet his needs. Great Mom! Your welcome to check out my story about mentoring my nephew and how it all evolved. We, too, have an awesome relationship.

That is an amazing story to me because I never felt comfortable enough with my parents to ask for a spanking. Even though I thought about I many times! I think that means you have done an exceptional job as a parent.

anyway thank u mom

are realy strict mom? do u

Thanks for sharing! Yes at times Teens do need a spanking and I agree with you for giving him one when he asked for it ! He obviously had done something that He felt guilty about and needed that disciplining!

thank u

Thanks for sharing.

Thinking back to when I was 14, I can only wish that I had the kind of relationship where I could have asked for the spanking I knew I needed. And moreover, that I could have received it properly.

Asked-for or not, I agree with the others here that the spanking needs to be real punishment, and maintained that you are still in charge. If I'd ever had the nerve to ask my mom for a spanking, I know it wouldn't have been right unless it was just like you did it.

What would you have done if your son had a friend his age and his parents never spanked him -- but he knew you still gave spankings -- and he came to you privately and asked for a spanking? Would you do it?

I can think back to when I was 14 and wish I had known you as a friend's mom or neighbor. If I asked you for a spanking, for the same reasons your son did, would you have taken down my underwear, put me over your knee and paddled me until I was crying hard?

I watched my best friend get spanked several times growing up. I used to fantasize about his mother spanking me, but I never had the nerve to approach her.

yes I would pull down your underpants and put you over my knee for a good spanking

Thanks for responding. It's a shame I didn't really know you when I was 14.

I can only imagine how nervous I would have been to ask. And I certainly would have been too embarrassed to ask about any specifics.

Once I had asked, and you agreed to do it, how would the procedure go? Would you still use the paddle? Would I have to stand there while you pulled my underpants down? Would you give me the full 30 spanks even if I didn't try to say to stop after 10?

Thank you. :)

i love the way you treat your son

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You are a very good mom. It takes a very good relationship for your son to feel comfortable enough to ask you for a spanking.

I certainly missed it when home spankings ended

I have heard from several people here they missed being spanked when they ended.

I missed the spankings when they stopped. Unlike your son I never had the nerve to ask for one.

How old were you when the spankings stopped? How were you punished after they stopped?

The spankings stopped when I was about 10. My dad was the spanker in our family. After that he would just kick you in the butt.

I remember the odd experience that my mom did not keep spanking me when I had turned 17 although I did mischief that had caused spankings in the past. This change happened without any explanation so that I got the impression my mom had regretted former spankings.

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Your right some kids do miss it.

It's one thing for a teenage boy to be submissive to female authority, but it sounds to me like you're getting Braden ready for a lifetime of petticoat discipline.

Ms. Lninwa, I admire the way you deal with your sons and can witness that we, boys, guys and sometimes even adult men, need this maternal spnakings very much. It's so wonderful that you were able to put this simple idea -- "ask your mon if you feel you need it!" -- into your sons' minds. I envy your sons absolutely sincerey! I lacked this in my childhood and I'm so happy that now my Mistress whips me every weekend -- it helps me to behave properly. Maybe to make your sons' lives some eaesier, you can install maintenance spankings for them on every weekend, too? My Mistress tells me that it's much better to spank in advance to prevent a wrongdoing of mine at all than to deal with it later.

This is wrong

So did you **** him nicely, too?
In connection with your other stories I see you are a hot and horny spanking mom..and love to do your boys, right?

was i the only one who thought this was really weird?

Broadly similar to my own experience - I caned my own boys. After divorce the boys stayed with me. I remarried and my step sons asked to be spanked then caned by me as they saw thier brothers get punished. For them it was better than the baby smacks or treats with held discipline thier Mum dished out.

Well sorry not to be rude but is spanking and caning not the same thing? Okay you use a cane to spank right?

@DAW2012, technically you are correct, caning as we know it today came from England, though it is used everywhere now. But it was never really thought of as spanking, if one was to be caned it was called a caning. Spanking is all inclusive, and covers the use of hand, paddle, belt, strap, hair brush, and any number of instruments, but for some reason the term caning has survived as the designation for use of the cane.

Oh yea that makes sense caning if with the cane and a spanking is with what ever implement the spankee want to use . thanks

Sense his asking have you had to give him a spanking that you decided he needed for doing wrong. That he didn't agree to but you gave him any way? If so was it a worse spanking?

Yes Codrin, absolutely true!

Yes, Braden said the truth: the teenagers feel many times the need to be disciplined. I always felt frustrated because I had not a father to punish me properly. And, being 17 y.o., I even thanked my mother after she punished me. I felt better, despite of the pain, because due to the spanking gotten, I had paid for my faults.

I'm glad to have you write your feelings

It does my heart good that my boys accept their spankings and know I don't spank them unless it is needed

I am still spanked by both my wife and mother-in-law at age 56.

Thanks for sharing that. I've not heard of a teenager asking for a spanking before ... certainly mine never have .... but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen! Given that he had asked for it was 30 not a little too much?

I didn't spank him very hard just enough to get him crying good. If I would have gone easy on him then he would have felt short changed. He thanked me and has since asked me to be spanked several times. I asked him if he wants a lighter spanking and one time he said he wanted a harder longer spanking so I gave him the harder longer spanking he asked for and it was when one of the neighbors was visiting with her son. We were talking about correcting her son and she wanted some advice and shown how to spank her son. After I spanked Braden she told her son it was time for his spanking he cooperated as she bared his bottom and spanked him with first her hand and then the paddle. He was crying and saying mommy I'm sooooooo soooooorry. He is 13

I remember my mom giving me the hairbrush at age 13 (her idea, NOT mine) and I was yelling and crying and saying I was sorry. That did not stop the spanking. She spanked on and on until she thought I had learned my lesson.

why did mom spank you?

I will answer your question via private message so as not to detract from the subject of this thread.

Xj, I do understand your comment. Sorry to hear.

In this way your Braden has acted as a good model. His spanking has not only done himself good.

after you spanke braden . did his dad ever give braden a good hard belt spanking ? when he is bad or do you give out all the spankings

I do more of the spanking here because I work part time and my husband travels some for work. My husband has spanked opur older son with the belt twice. the first time was last spring when Jeff repeatedly skipped class. The second time was the first week of school for cussing in class. Braden has not yet earned a belt spanking from dad but he is very worried about it because dad told him he will most likely get it soon.

how longer and harder was his spanking you gave bradon the first time was 30 . did you hand spank bradon befor using the paddle. good job with your boys.

As I read, the usual punishment is hard enough, 30 or 40 lashes as punishment, how delay that amount of lashes.

His son asked you for a harder and longer punishment spankings, how much lashes and how much time implied the increase in the punishment , time in the corner was the same as usual.

from that time the punishment continued stronger and more long

I see that this punishment is more apply by you, sometimes her husband, your son asked his father to punish him stronger and longer too, or just you.

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I could rarly beliefe that anyone could and would beliefe this story.

So thanks for yyour fantasy and have fun with your spanking fetisch.

This appears very typical for a teenager to ask for a spanking.

I had one experience. Like yours.

Lets chat.


I agree, I know I asked for them sometimes when I was growing up.

Was the spanking done bare bottom?

Back in the 50s and 60s, yes.

I swear I asked for one yesterday. My mother said I'm too old and it wouldn't make an impact and she wasn't mad at me

How old are you? And what did you tell her when she asked why? Plus, you want to ask her more than once. If she gets mad at you for constantly asking, she might just give you that spanking.

message me and we can talk

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Good for you!! He is lucky to have you for a mom........
Has he asked again?

Good for you. You are in charge, even if he asks you to spank him, you decide the number of strokes, and how hard they should be.

Wished I was mature enough and brave enough at that age to ask to be spanked, feel i would have benefited so much from it. Lucky to have such a good realtionship

He is very lucky to have you as a mother..