Oh Father

Yesterday more problems were thrown my way, Something I am trying to get away, but keep running into me, Oh yesterday, Suddenly my mother threw out a story that embarrassed me, Changed my thoughts and feelings towards everything, Oh I wont forget about yesterday. She said my dad had another child , out there and is my age, boy or girl, girl or boy, doesnt matter , I been lied to , its been kept a secret from me all along, and who knows how long, I am in disbelief, I cant believe. No wonder why he is mean to me.. So im in anger, disappointment and hurt, Waiting to confront the issue, fk the tissue no tears here, I never wouldve thought, but then again how can I not ? He scolded me he molded me into what I am or at least helped. No more papa dont preach, no more yelling at me, no more ABUSE. NOT FROM YOU.
swoonbaby swoonbaby
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012